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  • Kindle Customer - Good nutrition and good results

    I lost 15 pounds in about six weeks on Almased. I did do the two weeks, three shakes a day method to enable a kick-start. Then I continued with two shakes and "a sensible dinner" after that. This is an excellent, high quality product which does, indeed, keep blood sugar levels even (I am not a diabetic, but I appreciate the stability Almased affords my levels). I've lost track of how much Almased I've bought, but it has been worth every penny. Good stuff!

  • Roxanne - 2015 nfl sticker collection

    I love these 2015 nfl sticker collection this is great to go with my book I received great players on here my cousin loved the book . This is a great product for young boys. For there collection I received this free for my honest and unbasised review

  • MVogellium - Seriously good, updated eats from Alton Brown!

    Highly recommend this cook book. This first thing I cooked was the Chicken Piccata. It was amazing and has been added to our regular dishes. I love the recipes that you start at night before bed like the oatmeal and cold brew coffee because they are so convenient. I have purchased all the ingredients to make the Pho, an endeavor I have not previously attempted, but I'm sure it will be a homerun. Alton Brown puts so much passion in his projects and this cookbook baby of his is no different. I am delighted to have preordered it and I try to cook something out of it everyday. I have cooked his recipes for a decade, but none of the ones in this new book are repeats, it's all fresh new ideas he came up with. Bottom line, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who cooks, wants to cook, or wants someone to cook it for them. Lol! Then again, I am a highly biased, long-time fan of AB's.


    The Moobom 500 is a good quality head lamp. BUT!!! This product ships with batteries included. This is usually a good thing, but not in this case. The batteries that come with the headlamp will not work in this particular headlamp. Again, the headlamp is good, the batteries are good BUT THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE! The batteries will charge and work in handheld flashlights but will not seat properly in the battery housing on this unit. I contacted the seller and he apologized and promptly sent another one, BUT HE SENT THE SAME UNIT WITH THE SAME STYLE BATTERY! IT DOESN'T WORK! I once again told the seller and he said he called the factory who verified that the batteries and headlamp are not compatible. He told me that it would work with different batteries and it does. He also offered to refund my money. This was probably about a month ago and as far as I can tell he's still selling them with those same pink batteries that don't work! It's really a shame because the headlamp itself is actually nice.

  • J. Weaver - Lovely tea

    We love this tea. So nice to find in large quantities at this low price. It is cheaper than Target and the grocery stores. My husband doesn't like storing all the boxes but we do both have a cup each evening in the fall/winter so really go through it. I love the blend of flavors as it is so soothing.

  • Betsy - Love them!

    Great product for the money! Who needs the Toyota logo anyway? If you don't care about the logo this is a great product.

  • Herdis A. - Soft and perfect for oval bassinet

    I had a hard time finding fitted oval bassinet sheets. These ones are made of a pretty thick material, are very soft and fit great.