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  • Brian Beekel - Perfect for the cottage

    Forget monthly Internet cost if you don't have it already. The Marcell unit has been working for a couple months now perfectly. Git gives us peace of mind knowing we can check the temperature and get power outage notifications. The water "spucks" just came out so I will be adding those to the system soon. Easy and convenient!

  • Amazon Prime member - Just Ordered my 2nd Unit!!!

    This unit is for real. Its truley unreal, the quality of this box. You can do a search for similiar units and find all kinds of headaches, Not with the Element this thing is smooth!!! You will need to get a mini keyboard remote. But hey those are cool anyway, now you have a reason to pick one up. I use 2.4 ghz RF Favi candy bar unit $31.00. It pairs great with the Ti4. So now your just over a buck and a half for priceless viewing of unlimited content. I told anyone with a face about this thing and no one bought one yet. I cant believe it!!!!

  • David Dardar - Worst Customer Service Ever!

    I purchased this program online from a link on Amazon for Avangate for a very good price. Unfortunately, when I purchased the product the licensing key that makes the fully functional 30-day trial version a year long subscription was not sent until 3 days later. Most normal download purchases with other companies are sent within minutes, most at the same time as the purchase confirmation email, an issue that I've never had with anyone else. I had to call PayPal and Avangate because at first I thought I'd been had, they claimed to have sent the key to one address and then I had it resent to an alternate one. When the licensing key finally arrived it didn't work and I was directed to call Bitdefender's pleasant customer service, some guy name Dan with a thick accent. Bitdefender said that the call to Avangate and PayPal created a "chargeback" forcing them to make the licensing key non-functional and to forward emails from myself, PayPal and Avangate, then the licensing key would be reactivated or a new one issued from Avangate. Once again, about a week after purchase, Avangate sent the same non-working license key, claiming that everything was settled. I received a letter from Bitdefender later asking me to forward emails between myself PayPal and Avangate, even a screenshot of my banking statement as proof of the purchase and proof that the purchase had no ongoing (chargeback) issues, which I sent, not showing account numbers, of course. How much more am I expected to send to prove my purchase?

  • SDMF - Solid tech held back by crippling issues.

    Got mine on Friday. Ran the setup and installed updates with no problems. A friend of mine sent a party invite on Saturday. My Kinect was doing all the sound. The headset was not working at all. Today I powered on to watch a Blu-Ray and played Crimson Dragon and it was fine. I powered off for a bit and when I came back the controller would not sync with the console. Believing this to be the controller, my fiancee bought another one. That one also did not work. I've arranged to send my Day One back to Amazon and they are sending me a replacement. Everything was running fine until the controllers stopped working. They wouldn't sync nor work even when connected via USB to micro USB. Quite disappointing, really. Everything was fine for two days, but then just stopped. Kudos to Amazon for replacing it. Shame on MS for not doing better.

  • PastorMC - Great product

    Had an instance where my boat's engine would not turn over; after adding Sea Foam, and allowing it to work on the moisture in the gas overnight, the engine cranked on the second try and works well still. I now add sea foam regularly to the gas tank of both my boat and van!