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Neurofeedback and Neurorehab Institute Inc - Biofeedback is a scientifically proven discipline that restores the mind to its rightful role as the controlling organ of the entire body.

  • http://nnrionline.com/dr-ibric-writings/ Writings-Research | NRRI - books-Symphony in the Brain,Handbook of Neurofeedback,Healing Depression Bipolar Disorder without drugs,The ADD Book,Biofeedback for the Brain,New Mind,New Body
  • http://nnrionline.com/colleagues-professionals/ Testimonials Colleagues-Professionals | NRRI - Victoria Ibric is a superb Neurofeedback trainer, clinician, and human being-She is brilliant, hard-working, kind, and ethical-I have learned a great deal from her and look forward to following her excellent work for many years to come.
  • http://nnrionline.com/client-testimonials/ Client-Testimonials | NRRI - Helped my son with neurological problems-recovery from chronic pain-autistic son no longer dreads getting up and attending class-increased mental awareness
  • http://nnrionline.com/biofeedback/ Biofeedback | NRRI - Biofeedback is direct feedback from an instrument of an individual’s biological functions-muscle tension, temperature, heart rate, brain waves, respiration
  • http://nnrionline.com/neurofeedback/ Neurofeedback | NRRI - Neurofeedback-EEG Biofeedback is a therapeutic training tool that can be used to improve a variety of health conditions or increase personal potential.
  • http://nnrionline.com/qeeg/ QEEG | NRRI - Quantitative EEG is the measurement of the electrical patterns that reflect cortical electrical activity or brainwaves at the surface of the scalp
  • http://nnrionline.com/training-services/ Training-Services | NRRI - Training procedures offered to individuals who are looking to improve their lives after various injuries or to increase their performance
  • http://nnrionline.com/about-dr-ibric/ About Us-Professional Team | NRRI - Dr Victoria Ibric is a board certified Neurofeedback, Biofeedback clinician, instructor, mentor.
  • http://nnrionline.com/dr-ibrics-events/ Dr Ibrics Events | NRRI - Monthly presentations,general overview of current Neurofeedback applications for parents,teachers, educators, students, medical and psychological professionals
  • http://nnrionline.com/contact-nrri/ Contact Us | NRRI - The Neurofeedback and Neurorehab Institute is inside the beautiful historic medical building at 65 N. Madison Ave., Suite 404 Pasadena, CA 91101

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