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  • QUINTIN GUZMAN - Semi satisfied..

    Works well and I can see the difference. Having a Newer, fresh bottle, with new product inside, not an Old one that has been sitting on the shelve is a plus! The dispenser was in-operational halfway thru the bottle.

  • R.S. - This season is kinda meh

    This season hasn't been the greatest. The Contract and Mothman episodes were both kind of let downs; they seemed way too scripted and not at all believable. So far the best episodes have been Zozo and Nebraska Fiend but other than those 2, this season is not nearly as good as the past seasons. In my opinion season 1 is by far the best one.

  • J Rook - Easy to put on, Looks good

    It looks pretty good on my Reflex Silver Passat. Went on with no problems, seems to do what it says and that is to protect the paint on the bumper from items you sit there when loading and unloading the trunk. I'm super pleased with it.

  • Kieran & Hannah - It was impressed me about to reduce my eye's wrinkles

    This product has managed to impressed me. It has aided with reducing my dark eye circles and has faded my eye's wrinkles. With this, I have confidence and plan to try other Orogold products in soon.

  • Nannette Jenkins - Love love this chair for home and travel

    This is one of the most useful items I have bought. I bought it for my son (our first baby) at 7 months old as we were planning our first long trip. Really, it was so nice to have a chair with us for wherever we were, whether at a restaurant, or just at his greatgrandmother's house where there's zero baby equipment. We like to find local "hole in the wall" places to eat, and no matter what the old style of table we were at, this chair clamped right on. Easy to use (the screwing on/off of the clamps sometimes feels like it takes forever), easy to clean, comfortable. One reason I bought this over other similar style chairs was the amount of padding, the ability to remove the cover for washing (even a first time mom knows that is necessary for a baby item), the storage bag. We tried a chicco chair, the cool rotating one, but the clamp arms were soooo long, it did not work on any of our tables. This chair has worked on everything we've tried it on, including my breakfast bar which only has a 8" overhang. I have a regular freestanding highchair, and it got quickly packed away because this chair not only saves an incredible amount of space, it also lets our son actually be at the table with us. The only downfall was how easy it was to lose food between the edge of the table and his belly, the tray on a regular high chair is nice for that. But I recently bought the Summer Infant Tinydiner Place Mat with the little pouch, and it works great with this chair (a tip, use the fat paper clips or the small little black paper clamps to keep food pouch from sagging). Overall, one of the best baby items I have. We use it regularly in the house and decided to buy a second one for the car especially as summer comes and we'll be doing more picnicing and deck BBQs, this chair will be able to adapt to whatever table we're eating at.

  • Chris Brown - Love them

    I love these paddle covers on my red 2013 Charger RT Max. Buyer beware: Gas paddle= a breeze maybe a minute if that long to install. Break paddle= cut fingers, frustration, bs. Overall it was worth it. Giving 4 stars because of break paddle.