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  • Daxvieor - Probably the best out there in terms of potent ingredients while not drying or too unhealthy.

    I dislike alcohol based mouthwashes because of the drying effect. I used to like the Crest night time mouthwash (name since changed to Crest Pro-Health Clinical Deep Clean Mint Rinse) however the new formulation contains a questionable active ingredient. Plus it is now much more drying due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. This biotene is better than the original formulation in part because it contains enzymes to kill some of the bacteria that attack teeth.

  • Barbie - GREAT BOOK

    I have read every book John Sandford has put out and they a re all great. This one was so exciting my heart was racing so fast I had to stop and rest a few times I love Virgil and this is by far the best I have read. Keep em coming. .

  • Charles Donaghe - Most favorite

    This has been my most favorite publication. Will continue for thje future. Keep up the good reads. Thanks you again

  • Wendy Cobrda - Beautifully crisp screen, easy to set up, great price.

    We love it -- HOWEVER -- we had a strange incident which never happened in 25+ years of buying monitors! Got this for my son. While everything appeared to be perfectly fine, something went awry in manufacturing. The base and screen connection was defective. The screen fell right off onto his keyboard and shattered within a week or so of us getting this monitor. The good news is that Amazon and Acer stand behind what they sell. I was able to exchange it without hassle and am waiting on the new monitor to arrive tomorrow. I imagine the new one will not have the same problem as the first, it was likely a fluke. Great price, beautiful display and easy to set up.

  • jkhickel - Didn't Work With iPhone 6s

    I had the exact same experience as K S Stone. The phone just beeped constantly when I tried to charge my iPhone 6s with this charger. When I used a different charger with the same phone and outlet, the phone charged just fine.

  • K. Carlson - It just gets worse

    I am not a computer professional. I am simply an average consumer who has used Microsoft products for word processing, simple spreadsheets, and graphic design. I have seen a lot of changes over the years with the software products that Microsoft has put out. You would think that over the years they could figure out improvements to make them more user friendly and work out the compatibility bugs. Working between Word and Excel has become more of a challenge. Creating mailing labels in Word from an Excel file should be pretty easy but I don't even know if it's possible anymore. I just get vague error messages when trying to import an Excel file to be used for mail merge. I saved and converted it from an Excel file to a tab delimited and then tried numerous times and ten different ways to import the information to be used as mail merge file for labels. It seems simple enough but it just doesn't work. The process for doing labels should be a lot more straight forward. In a nut stinks!

  • Dad of Hamish - Two Stars

    Very bad pronunciation. Someone from Spain wouldn't understand a thing you say. Don't embarrass yourself by using this.