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  • J. D. Waugh - Not up to previous versuions!

    Won't go full screen on Windows 8. Encore support of no help sending nonsense suggestions like how to check my processor speed on Windows XP; nothing about Windows 8; finally said they had no answer. It was a brand new computer with the newest AMD chip and 8MB RAM.

  • A. Symons - Slightly better than the JD 2015

    Slightly better than the JD 2015. More good songs in here. They give you some frees songs if you start to score really high. Otherwise you have to buy new songs to add. Seems a bit scammy, Sony!

  • Harley Guy - Don't buy these, you won't be happy

    I bought 2 of these and they aren't worth buying. The phone has very poor battery life, even while hooked to WiFi. The Bluetooth cuts on & off for no apparent reason and no matter how precise you are while texting, words are still misspelled.

  • T. Lima - This is a must have product to anybody who has acne.

    Hi, I'm 26 years old and I have been suffering from moderate acne since I was a teen. I never wrote a review on any website, but I think that this product deserves it.

  • Brandon Keaton - Television Propaganda - God have mercy.

    I quit watching the show, as I was binge watching up through season 6 on Netflix, when I thought Glenn died, in the episode where he was on the dumpster and fell off into the zombies (6:3). A few weeks later my brother (who'd seen them all) encouraged me to keep watching - which gave me hope - and so I continued watching and realized that Gleen was spared, and I was happy and fine to continue...

  • Loli - mom of 3

    Love it, Love it!! You will be super satisfied with this stroller, no need to detach any pieces to put in the trunk of our Prius or our Sequoia. Fits in any door way! After doing my research, my husband gave me the go ahead for this huge purchase. We have 3 kids ages 5,4,and 2. All of them can fit, tight and snug but can fit. Very useful to contain them and protect them from the cold and rain. Love the rear hand brakes for those hills. We mainly use the stroller for walking and traveling. I am looking forward to getting the jogger wheel, wish that was a free addition.

  • Heron Watching - I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has ...

    I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has been taken over by a parasitic investment company that is apparently intent on sucking the base dry, providing no customer support and running it into the ground. I was considering upgrading from Makemusic, but the reviews of Finale's latest version make it clear that I would be throwing away money of a piece of junk.