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  • anon in Nc - broke on first use

    loved it, but the handheld portion kept falling off during mopping. Yes it was latched, but would come undone as I was mopping and I was careful not to pull on the cord. Doesn't really clean floors (can take a wet paper towel and wipe up dirt after using). Great as a handheld cleaner to blast grime out of crevices where faucet meets sink, but not worth the cost for that one use.

  • Amazon Customer - Some mech. issues but overall GREAT machine

    After a LOT of research, I took the plunge in Feb. 2009. The delivery took about 1 week after the ordered was placed which was a surprise.

  • Jen @ booksthathook dot com - Exciting story!

    THE CANDIDATE is a must-read for October 2016! It’s a fast-paced thrill ride with interesting, three dimensional characters. If you like political thrillers, you should definitely check this one out.

  • Linda Regina - I LOVE THIS CREAM!!!!

    I never tried a 'try and review' item before,,, but here it is,,,,, I Think this is an Awesome cream,,,, and i am very, very fussy about my skincare,,,, oh Yes,,,I am in my 50's,,,, good skin,,,quite dry,,,,i use products marked for dry skin,,,,, This cream SURPRISED me,,, wow,,,,Has all the things i like,,,, no fragrance!! (a must),,,goes on smooth (very smooth!!),, not sticky,,leaves no heavy feel on my face,,, light and beautiful!! A Retinol product at a good price,,, yes, i 'would' buy it again,,, i love the packaging,,, good solid bottle,,,clean pump (LOVE the portion control),,, did i say i like the Clean Pump system,,,, Here is my experience,,, First,, your face MUST be clean,,so do a good gentle cleansing (i use a light cleansing cream L'Oreal (i'll get the name),,, Clinique Toner 2 (either water down a bit,,or not too hard scrubbing,,, always use a cotton round,,,, Next Clinique mild soap,,, By this time,, my face feels clean but dry,,, Im in love with AHAVA essential day moisturizer,,(very dry skin),, because of the dead sea elements,,,,so i put a 'little' of that on first,,,, but you don't have to,,,i like to nourish my skin well,,,i mean a 'tiny' bit of AHAVA,,, not enough to really moisturize,,(just for the dead sea ingredients),,,then i take about 1/2 pump,,,, rub it onto my fingers,,, and gently apply to my face,,,(cheeks,,forehead,,eye area) WoW,, it goes on Beautifully!! My skin Immediately looked awesome,,,,fresh,,forehead smoothed out (i have a few lines i try to keep nourished and moisturized),,, this cream took them almost away,,(nope, not exaggerating),, rest of my face looked fresh,, not shiny --- the TRICK is,,,,it is a very dense cream,,, I learned to use less,,,, give it a few minutes to sink it,,,,(it will),,,I used it last night,,,, i woke up without the usual 'Dry Feeling',,, it's amazing,,,,, Again,, you MUST cleans well and gently before you apply again,,,,, don't reapply over the last application,,, don't just rinse,,,, at least use a quick gentle soap,,, then apply,, then use the full cleansing routine at night,, and reapply.... I COMPLETELY AVOID THE SUN,,, SO I'VE HAD No Issue with burns or any sensitivity,,,,, btw,, i keep touching my face because i used it last night,,, woke up,, rinsed just with water,,, and wow,, still moist,, (This is a BIG PLUS,,,, i can now take my time :) instead of rush to cleanse and apply cream,,,,, I ALSO,, Highly recomend it as a NECK CREAM,, WOW,,, for the declotage (sp?) i would probably use a sunscreen product,,,, Extremely Pleased,,,, (i guess im supposed to say i got this at a reduced price,, haha,,, im new to this),,,, and,, i find it is perfect for my dry,, fair,, delicate skin,,,,,i don't Highly recommend nearly any skin products,,, so wow i am super happy,,,, :) def 5 star

  • CTCraftBrew - lifesaver

    Probably literally a lifesaver. This book allows you to understand and manage your acid reflux without the dangerous and expensive drugs. Once I realized what was going on, I was able to adjust my diet and lifestyle so that I could actually sleep at night again.

  • Amazon Customer - Lets see

    I was so skeptical about purchasing this product, but I kept going back to it for like a week and re-reading the reviews/questions and trying to google it to convince myself. Google has very little information and all the reviews seem so overwhelmingly positive it just looked fake. Screw it, I bought it and I am on my second day of using it right now. I have taken a before pic and will properly review this product with an after picture when the cream runs out.

  • nathaniel elrod - I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was

    I usually don't do reviews but with this product I felt it was necessary, I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was tuning my car and damn my Dodge Charger rt is like a whole new beast now