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  • BillyNYC - Stopped 2 of 3 leaks.

    I had 3 oil leaks in my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with over 190,000 miles on it. So, I went searching for a way to stop them.

  • Jehalv - If it seems too good to be true...

    I have 2 dogs and lots of hard surface flooring through the house. Wanting to slim down the floor care routine to one-step, I thought this product (along with several of it's favorable reviews) seemed too good to be true. In practical application, this product takes the two tasks of vacuuming and mopping and does each poorly leaving me with a 3-step process. Yes, that's an extra step! First, the vacuum feature is terrible. It does not have a very powerful suction and does NOT get all or even most of the dog hair/dust/dander. Second, because the vacuum head is in front of the steam pad, when using the steam feature, there is a 2-3" "bumper" that prevents one from steaming all the way to the baseboards or under the cabinets, etc, etc. (The third step is then going back to these places with a sponge or another mop to clean.)

  • Jessica Ledford - Great product!

    This product is great for smoothing out rough spots I tend to get in between trips to get pedicures! No more snagging my feet on the bed covers (*shudder* HATE that!!) Easy to use, gets the job done! What more could you want? Now to convince my hubby to try it on his feet... ;)

  • William J. - No customer Service

    Could not register even after following all instructions. Did everything I was told to do and kept getting the same page after all the steps taken. On the phone the agent had trouble with English, could not tell me what to do and suggented I return it to Sears. The product instructions indicated not to return to the retailer but did not say where to return it. Only a $10 purchase so no big deal, but it is so frustrating trying to deal with a company that offers no service. I will just junk this cheap product. I should have known to not buy a cheap piece of junk, but I foolishly assumed there would be backup service. Would not even give one star but no way to show total dissatisfaction. WARNING--DO NOT PURCHASE!