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Missouri Poison Center - The Missouri Poison Center is here to provide you with the information and education you need for poison safety and prevention.

  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/espanol/ Español - Missouri Poison Center - Traductores disponibles las 24 horas 7 dias a la semana para ayudarle en Español y mas de 150 otros idiomas cuando la linea de ayuda es usada.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/about-us/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Missouri Poison Center - Find a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Missouri Poison Center as well as their answers to avoid future confusion.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/about-us/mission-values/ Mission & Values - Missouri Poison Center - Our mission is to protect Missourians from poison incidence while serving with the philosophy and values of Franciscan Sisters of Mary.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/about-us/annual-reports/ Annual Reports - Missouri Poison Center - Annual reports show that poison center staff is trained to help poison-exposed patients at no direct cost to patients, practitioners or health providers.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/about-us/testimonials/ Testimonials - Missouri Poison Center - Actual testimonials from callers who used the Missouri Poison Center Hotline. Learn how the Missouri Poison Center has helped others across the state.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/order-materials/ Order Materials - Missouri Poison Center - The Missouri Poison Center offers a number of educational materials available for order, on the subject of poison safety and prevention.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/order-now/ Order Materials Now - Missouri Poison Center - Order now in order to receive educational materials on poison safety and prevention from the Missouri Poison Center. These are only available in Missouri.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/education/educators/ Educators - Missouri Poison Center - The Missouri Poison Center welcomes you to become an educator on poison safety through the use of free downloadable resources.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/education/health-care-providers/ Health Care Professionals - Missouri Poison Center - The Missouri Poison Center provides a number of resources to health care professionals, who make up a large number of the calls MPC receives.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/education/kids/ Kids' Activities - Missouri Poison Center - Kids risk being poisoned from interacting with objects they perceive to be safe. These activities and games can educate kids on poison safety.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/prevention/poison-proofing-your-home/ Poison Proofing Your Home - Missouri Poison Center - Prevention is the best medicine, and when it comes to poison proofing your home, the Missouri Poison Center has the tips you need.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/prevention/first-aid/ First Aid Steps - Missouri Poison Center - While prevention is the best medicine, it is important to be aware of the appropriate First Aid steps to take, if a poisoning does occur.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/prevention/families/ Families - Missouri Poison Center - These videos and guides by the Missouri Poison Center are intended to teach families about poison safety and handling situations involving poison exposure.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/prevention/newsletter/ Newsletter - Missouri Poison Center - The PoisonSafe Practice newsletter is meant to educate the public on poisons and how to prevent exposures and overdoses at home, school, or the workplace.
  • http://missouripoisoncenter.org/contact-us/ Contact Us - Missouri Poison Center - The provided information can be used to contact the Missouri Poison Center administrative office for ADMINISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY.

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