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  • Sonya A Byrne - Amazing

    As soon as I started using the Balancing Toner along with the rest of the system, I immediately saw an amazing difference in my skin. My skin is not oily, but not dried out either as other products have made it. My face is soft and smooth, with no redness, and the acne I had along my jawline is almost gone, in a matter of days!

  • D. Krepak - No additional licenses required

    I've used McAfee products for years including virus scan, security suite and total protection. All Access Individual is the same as Total Protection but you can install it on all the devices you own. You don't need additional licenses so in the long run this is cheaper if you have more than 3 devices. I have a small business and have 3 computers at the office in addition to a desktop and laptop at home. If you have other devices such as tablets or smartphones you can install it on those as well. This is the only advantage I see in this program compared to years past but for me it is a big one.

  • Christl - Satisfied

    The cost is much better than I could do locally. And the dosage was/is important to me. The dosage for the product I got locally was 3 caplets twice daily. This one is one with each meal. It was recommended to me because undergoing a thyroidectomy. I'm still early on in taking it, so not sure just how effective it will be overall for me, but am very pleased with the service and product.

  • Jacob - Easy to use and works well

    Easy to use and works well. Definitely a pricey but for those plagued with unsightly back hair, it's a life changer.

  • jm7117 - If you have a flea outbreak in your yard like I do right now

    I've purchased both spray on and outdoor products and have used them on my cat and two small dogs. There were no adverse reactions that some of the fearmongers write about and the product certainly works. I refuse to use any of the chemical products because I've personally witnessed a cat go in convulsions after using one there's no scientific data this these products don't cause long-term adverse effects. If I wouldn't allow it to touch my child, why would I put it on my pets? The only downside with Wondercide is that it doesn't last very long. If you have a flea outbreak in your yard like I do right now, you'll have to spray this on every day and sometimes a couple of times a day. I'm not going to spend a fortune on this stuff, so until they come up with something longer lasting, I'm no longer a customer. Going back to using lemon and water treatment.