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  • Cobra - Good products continues

    Some may say this product is becoming a bit dated and perhaps it is . . . however, it still works very well! I load this on my laptop which is a must have companion with all my road trips anyway. There is just no substitute for having a 17" high definition screen along with me in my vehicle. The turn-by-turn voice navigation works very well. I long ago updated my plugin satellite GPS receiver which made a noticeable difference in staying connected to my tracking signals. The points of interest are updated with each new version and they are comprehensive.

  • SciFi Fan of fans - What a lovely surprise

    I quite enjoyed this light fantasy novel and quite looking forward to the rest of the series. A little magic, a touch of sexy times, nice safe violence, quite a number of fun things. Things resolved quite rapidly at the end, but enough strings left to hang more stories. Thanks!

  • surit - nice

    i love this cream i hope it still works for my last months of pregnancy since those months are the ones where the belly stretches more

  • Danielle Kent - Made my face break out

    I was really excited to get this product and begin using it. The first time I used it I immediately thought it smelled a little like the complimentary lotion at a hotel and seemed kind of runny so I got skeptical. I have a few poison ivy scars on my chin that bother me so I figured I'd test out a little there. The first night was fine, but after that it left my chin feeling very greasy and I started to break out. I am not someone who breaks out easily and I rarely have a zit, so my only guess is it was because I was applying this product nightly. I'm a little bummed because I really was looking forward to this product. I can't say that this product does or does not work because I didn't use it long enough to know. I would recommend not using it on your face if you tend to break out though.

  • Jeanne Diaz - This far exceeded my expectations

    This far exceeded my expectations. I thought I was getting a heart rate monitor that I could use while I did my cardio. However, this little touch screen watch is jam packed with features. More than I would ever use and now that I got to sample a smart watch for this little price, I know I would never buy a full blown smart watch. Screen is small, I could never see myself typing on this this tiny square on my wrist. However, for a heart rate monitor, step counter, stop watch, timer, watch... it does great.