Review: Универсальная всесезонная коммунальная машина ВКМ-44 - Универсальная всесезонная коммунальная машина на базе трактора МТЗ 82. Эффективное быстросъёмное оборудование позволит вам использовать эту машину круглый год на все 100%

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3558 California, United States

  • Tori A. Hayes - Pretty close to home made!

    I was given a discount in order to give an honest review of this item. I make biltong of my own and this is pretty good. It lacks just a bit more coriander flavor but it is dried well and tastes pretty darn good! I like that I can finally get biltong ready-made here in the states. It is a long process to do it myself. I would like bigger portions though. The price is fair for the trouble it is to make. This would be great for camping or just sitting around munching on with a nice beer!

  • Saffron - CAT WARNING!! CAT DANGER!!

    Please be careful and do research. DO NOT GIVE TO CATS! Many people report their cats becoming ill, or even dying, after being sprayed with wondercide.

  • M. Engel - Good but not Great

    The book is very well researched and reads very smoothly. The insights are good but not great - they are simply not new.

  • SusanTech - My 9 year old grandson enjoys it - quite a challenge!

    My 9 year old grandson likes it, but it will take a lot of practice till he can master it. When he falls off it, he never gets hurt. You have to sort of fall off to get off, so you would think that it would be dangerous, but it's really not.

  • R. Evans - Biotin

    I've been using this for a couple weeks now, and like others have said, I'm not really sure it stops the shedding. Generally I think it works about as well as any other shampoo of the same price range.

  • Christian Castillo - i hate this FAKKEEEEE FAKEE BEWARE

    Fake please dont waist your time like i did... real macadamia is yellow not white and watery never again!!! BEWARE