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  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Biotechnology for Wellness Industries - Journal reports research on microbial bioactive metabolites, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, aroma therapy, bioprocess, fermentation technology
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Statistics in Medical Research - This journal discuss the quality applications of statistics in Health Care research profession.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Analytical Oncology - Journal of Analytical Oncology encompasses wholly analytical and diagnostic aspects cancer.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling - The Journal of Solution Chemistry and Modeling exists primarily for the publication of significant new experimental measurements and theoretical modeling on electrolyte and nonelectrolyte solutions of manufacturing, environmental and pharmaceutical importance.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Buffalo Science - The journal publishes new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice with specific reference to Baffalos
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Cancer Research Updates - Journal of Cancer Research Updates is a peer reviewed journal which offers an exciting avenue for the dissemination of important discoveries in all areas of cancer science. The goal is to highlight the recent advances of cancer research in order to understand, treat and eradicate cancer. The journal aims to ensure open and equitable access to international multidisciplinary readership.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology - The Journal of Membranes and Separation Technology is a peer-reviewed journal covers all aspects of membrane and separation sciences and technology.The Journal of Membranes and Separation Technology publishes high quality, original articles, review articles, case reports, field studies, and short communications as well as other scientific and educational information.The Journal of Membranes and Separation Technology facilitates the distribution and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to synthesis and characterization of membrane and separation materials, filtration, fouling, module and operations, process design, processes simulation and applications with the ultimate aim of promoting the best practice.The Journal of Membranes and Separation Technology is addressed to both practicing professionals and researchers in the membranes and separation technology, professionals in academia, former researchers and PhD students and other specialists interested in the results of scientific research in separation sciences related to membranes.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics - The Mission of Journal of Nutritional Therepeutics is to integrate knowledge and principles of nutrition and pharmacology. It provides an educational perspective concerning the synergy that exists in natural nutrition and medicinal nutrition. Our goal is to improve human health through dissemination of nutritional and pharmacological sciences. Nutritional Pharmacy provides open and equitable access to our international and multidisciplinary audience.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science - The journal covers a wide range of topics; from nylon research to commercial aircraft. Progress in polymer research explores their properties along with their wide-ranging potential and presents science with a hard look at the downward drift in its study support. The articles are published in different fields of polymers such as medicine and biotechnology, information and communication, housing and construction, energy and transportation, national defense and environmental protection. The journal looks towards the advancements of the various classes of polymers like plastics, fibers, composites and other materials; as well as polymers used in membranes and coatings; analyzing how their composition and specific methods of processing result in their unparalleled usefulness.
  • Lifescience Global :: Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy - The journal aims promote renewable energy opportunities and to facilitate development and commercialization of renewable energy solutions.
  • Lifescience Global :: Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment - The journal aims to publish research in areas such as wear resistant coatings, corrosion protective coatings, optical protective coatings, films for biomedical and energy purposes
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Coating Science and Technology - The journal aims publish research on advanced coating technologies such as wear resistant coatings, corrosion protective coatings, optical protective coatings,
  • Lifescience Global :: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research is a refereed journal of scientific research that deals with all topics of social sciences. It provides a platform for social scientists, researchers, professionals, academicians and research scholars to shares their ideas through original article, reviews, case studies and expert opinions.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems - Journal of Advances in Management Sciences and Information Systems is a refereed and highly professional journal that publishes premium theoretical and pragmatic papers in the field of management science and information technology.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Criminology and Sociology - IJCS is a valuable resource for researchers and intellectuals criminology, sociology, psychology, law, criminal justice, politics, penology.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences - Journal of Basic & Appliced Sciences is a peer reviewed, open access international scientific multidisciplinary journal
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences - The Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences (JPANS) is an international journal to contribute advancement and dissemination of knowledge in two segments; Pharmacy and Nutrition sciences. The journal also covers the relationship and the increasing trend of integration of these fields to discover possible natural / nutritional cures for various diseases. This journal is designed to provide an outlet for advancement and dissemination of original and high quality information in the fields of Pharmacy and Nutrition science. Therefore it’s aimed towards public health globally through providing and exchanging information on across a wide range of disciplines.Regular features in this journal highlight current topics in Pharmacy and nutrition science which includes clinical studies, clinical case seminars, and practice management issues, evidence-based publications related to Pharmacy and nutrition education research, practice and policy and other significant new studies related to human health.
  • Lifescience Global :: Journal of Reviews on Global Economics - Journal of Global Economics publishes papers covering a range of topics in theoretical, applied and empirical research across the entire field of economics. It includes reviews on topics covering micro / macroeconomics, money and economic policies.
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  • paracelsus - Total Waste of Time

    I upgraded to this from the 2010 version. We print a lot of cards and have used this program for several years. However, we are sending back the 2011 version for a refund. There was no problem installing it on a machine running XP, but that's about the only good thing.

  • Laz Vstar 650 - Tastes good. Hope it works as good on my joints ...

    Tastes good. Hope it works as good on my joints and I may buy it again. The jar is smaller than I expected.