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  • JeepShootist - Slow and Under-Powered

    I used an old Remington rotary for the last twenty years. Compared to the Remington, this Norelco seems under-powered and slower to give a proper shave. The old Remington had the power to aggressively cut beard stubble on the first pass. This Norelco 2100 needs pass after pass to get the beard stubble off. It will give a decent shave if you stay with the operation long enough, but the constant sensation of being without proper power enough to do the job bugs me. I've read complaints of the plastic cover not being secure enough, but I'm pretty sure this is because of the improper hooking up the cover. With a bit of practice and experimentation, the cover goes on with a click and stays on quite well.

  • Scott Ogle - Good Stuff

    When you travel with a bunch of party animals, Poo-pourri earns its weight in gold. One squirt in the toilet before you go and everyone is thankful. No more watery eyes and holding your breath. While the guys make fun of you.

  • DWS22 - I love this charger. It fills my need for something that charges it all at the same time.

    This works perfectly. I charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time along with Bluetooth earbuds and a couple of reserve power blocks. And the unit knows just how much power to feed each device that is plugged into it. For instance, an iPad requires twice the power of an iPhone. This takes care of that. The only downside is the bright blue light. (Thus 4 stars instead of 5.) I charge my devices overnight in the bedroom and I have to keep the charger in a drawer because the blue light lit up the room.

  • triple dragon - Flash light lover - Loved it!

    My brother who loves flashlights, really enjoyed this. My husband picked it out for him. My brother mentioned that it was really bright compared to another high-end flashlight he got for himself several years back.

  • Jimmie - A Great Umbrella with a Superior Design

    I have tested this product. Here is my review which is based solely on whether it meets or exceeds the claims made by the vendor/manufacturer in their description of the product and my personal experiences and observations with the item in testing. How many times have I gone to get into the car in the pouring rain. No matter how skilled one is – taking the typical umbrella down and not getting wet is impossible. Now the Better Brella has the problem. Instead of folding down – this reverse action umbrella folds up –like inside out. So the wet portion stays away from you in the reverse action design. I wondered about the durability of such as design. But in my testing, I found this umbrella to be quite solid – in addition to keeping you warm and dry when you are getting into your car – or backing into the door of a room. The construction and design were really impressive to me. While I have not tested it at 50 MPH, it is clear that the Better Brella will withstand a significant wind. And that is important where we life – lots of wind with the rain. I purchased this for myself, but when it arrive and my wife saw it – yep, you guessed it – the Better Brella belongs to her now. That’s okay, I scored some valuable points with the high quality and very usable umbrella. I recommend this umbrella – and so does my wife. And by the way, it is large enough to keep the rain off – even in the wind. Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review.