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  • Devon - Worked in under 30 days

    I ended up getting a toe nail fungus from my nail salon. It was not too bad but enough to make me feel self-conscious. I did some research and found this stuff. It cleared it up in under 30 days. Thank God!

  • t1800ke - Keeps the finish like new!

    My dad started using Wash & Wax back in 1967, an era when cars needed regular wax jobs to extend the life of body paints that simply wouldn't last. He purchased a brand new pickup and began washing it on a regular basis with Wash & Wax. When he traded the pickup 9 years later, the paint looked unbelievably great, yet it had never received a traditional wax job! That sold me on the product and I have relied on it ever since. It's the only cleaner/protectant I use on both of my new Silverados.

  • Stacy S. - Undeniable Hotness!!!!

    This book was not what I expected at all. It was so much better, I couldn't stop reading until I was finished. From their first meeting Max and Lola Grace were destined to be together, that is just the way it was. Despite their age difference it felt like they had known each other their whole lives. But first they had to overcome their parents and their twisted idea of what they could put their children through. Coming to terms with with their pasts and finally turning their backs on their twisted families Max and Lola Grace were able to be honest about their true feelings and build a loving family of their own. I was really impressed with Isabella and I am looking forward to reading more of her work. I volunteered to leave an honest review of this book.

  • Wesley Eastman - My son has used it since he was 3 - great product

    This is the second leap pad ultra I've purchased. I cracked the screen on the first one and didn't realize until after I threw it out that Leapfrog would replace it. I'm not used to a company standing behind their product like that.

  • G. Fung - Nostro is my PC best friend

    I have been using Nostro to protect my PCs for many years. Great product, does not consume excessive memory or slow down PC processing. Menu commands are intuitive and have not (knock on wood) experienced breach in security.