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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Jason - This JH-800 earphones have great sound quality

    This JH-800 earphones have great sound quality. Clear sound with good amount of bass. Very comfortable to wear for jogging. Definatly my best pair I have now.

  • Teri - It has a very nice fragrance.

    I have only used this product for about 2 weeks. It moisturizers very well but a bit greasy until it soaks in completely. I think I need to use it longer before I can judge it further. It has a very nice fragrance.

  • Gabe K - Ubisoft Dropped the Ball Regarding PS4 Child Recognition - Very Frustrating for Kids

    PS4 camera tracking leaves quite a bit to be desired. I do not fault the camera as the Playroom works well, and it recognizes the user's faces without issue @ login. Obviously this was not programmed with those less than 4ft in height in mind as the tracking is very hit or miss. It is rather frustrating to simply start a dance session as it needs to identify you before it starts playing the song/dance and it frequently simply cannot detect who the "blob" is that it sees - even when moving around to try to get it to detect who you are. This should have a user override capability, but it does not. This means if it does not "see" you, there will be no song/dance! Terrible design. It does detect adults much better than children, but it sill misses adults at times as well. **The game should have a camera user set-up phase where it learns the user's height, shape and profile at various angles. I'd imagine this would GREATLY improve the tracking of the dancers as well and would take all of 2 mins to accomplish. It's too bad Ubisoft failed to create this fully utilizing the camera's capabilities.....I would think they could make improvements via software updates, but I won't hold my breath. *Bottom line, don't make a product marketed primarily to children and then use 6ft adults as your test subjects!!

  • ronneestar - MESSY

    I decided to try this after reading many positive reviews and receiving an introductory offer of $10.00. I am an "expert" in home coloring as I have done it for years. It pains me to pay $60 or more to color my hair at a salon. I thought the questions on the website were detailed enough to customize my color. I did not upload a picture but liked the final result shown on the model. I was excited to receive my color. It arrived about a week after I ordered in a neat little box. In addition to the color and gloss, it came with gloves, a coloring brush, stain guard for your hairline and a sample pack of shampoo and conditioner. Super excited to get started. You mix the color first and apply to the roots, part and hairline only. Set for 15 minutes. As that is processing, mix the second bottle which you later apply mid hair and down.

  • LiveItAs - Wonderful Cookware, Wonderful Customer Service

    I have had my french oven for about 15 years. One day I put it on a hot burner without thinking, and the enamel popped off! I could have cried. I sent it to them, and they did confirm it was my abuse (I already knew that), but offered a new one for $88. I took them up on it. 100% my fault.....I was not thinking.