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  • Judith A. Veeck - Hasn't worked yet

    I've been using Hair Volume for a month, with no results. I have another month's worth to use, so I'll see after 2 months, if anything has gotten better. My hair is till thin and no volume and my nails continue to break, crack and peel. I hope I didn't waste my money.

  • D. Roberts - Don't recommend this

    I have beautiful textured concrete floors in my basement. I read all the reviews and ordered the FloorMate, got it yesterday, moved carpets and furniture out and used it for 500 square feet of flooring. I had to go over the same areas repeatedly to get them wet enough to actually see solid wetness. Yes, it picked up a lot of dirt, but it was far too much work, then you have to clean the water tanks, brushes and nozzle. I could have used a soft brush that I have with a long handle and done a better job with not much more work. It didn't pick up much of the water on the floors, either. On my smoother kitchen floor, it didn't pick up hardly any of the water. I dried the water with a towel and the towel came up very dirty. I am returning this and trying the Bissell 5200 hard floor cleaner. I will review that one after I try it.

  • Gini - used for years

    Way ahead time wise of IRS, which is so late getting information into their computers, much of which is the same as prior years. And Lasser updates are easily accessed from website. I prepare taxes and this book is way better than the "professional" manuals. Easy to find things with great, useful examples. I'm really good at what I do and had to close my practice years ago, so I know what's what!

  • E Ying - It doesn't work!

    It doesn't work! I bought simple sugars body scrubs in the hope that may help my eczema problem after watching the shark tank episode. After 3 weeks of use, not only it didn't help the situation, it actually caused the skin to be drier and more irritated. The product itself is nicely packed and it smells nice, but that won't win its sale. I won't buy it again and won't recommend it.

  • DJANS - Nice pre-workout

    This is a really nice pre-workout. It give you that little extra boost you need to get you through your workout without feeling jittery. Love it! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • DCNative - Fantastic

    Both my blender and my food processor died at the same time. I was shopping around Black Friday so I was looking for a good deal and Amazon matched the best price I found. Iwanted a replacement for both that used only one base. this one had good reviews and in addition to what I wanted, it came with two smoothie cups & dough blade. This is an excellent product with a powerful motor so it blends easily and quickly. Probably my best purchase of 2015. I highly recommend it.

  • Ingrid - Most of these clothing you can find in ebay for ...

    Most of these clothing you can find in ebay for almost the same price. Everything seems to be from china/hong kong meaning when you order the size, it's actually two sizes smaller than the original size.