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  • gamer - Glide along smooth paved roads

    This is a very good bike. I am a casual biker. After a lot of research and trying some bikes in stores, I decided to go with this Bike. The bike is not that heavy weight and runs smoothly on paved roads. The bike is true to Hybrid definition ... runs smoother than a mountain bike on good roads with very little efforts. I got 

  • mamaitaliana - The natural products are great for dogs with sensitive skin and leave their coat ...

    This is the only dog wash you will ever need. The natural products are great for dogs with sensitive skin and leave their coat shiny and smelling great! So thankful that there are great products like this that move away from all the chemicals that some dog washes have. Do your pooch (and yourself) a favor and give this a try, you won't be sorry 🐶.

  • Rose - waste of money and deceptive!

    We bought this at the dealership with our new Nissan. It was presented as a wonderful product and that any SCRATCHES, dents or dings would be repaired. We thought that was a no brainer since we have 3 kids and they aren't always very careful. I just tried to make a claim on a long scratch on the door and was told scratches are not covered - NOT what the dealership told us! The customer service STINKS and I was basically told I was an idiot for not reading the warranty carefully. Don't purchase!!!!!! :( I guess I really am an idiot!

  • Gao Atamazon - Great performance, unfortunate flaw

    The antivirus software performs well, but has one serious flaw. It does not remember manual exceptions of installed programs on the computer. I have a program that I need to use, but Webroot thinks it contains virus. That's fine, as I know the program probably has a suspicious component, but it's not vicious and I need it. But there is no way to simply set a permanent exception. Any manual "allow" seems to be only temporary, and gets overwritten in the next scan. It becomes a constant struggle. Cannot live with it. Rather unfortunate, especially considering that the antivirus software itself performs so well with such an attractive user interface.

  • Pharmacist Mom - This IS the right product!

    Don't listen to the people complaining that they were sent the wrong product by Green Dot sellers. Apparently people are freaking out because the packaging now says Philips Zoom in large print. This is the real stuff. From the NiteWhite website:

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    This is the best health aid that I ever purchased. When I go to bed, it is just there ready to go. Since I began using it, I have had no aches or pains. I am 70 years old and play tennis almost every day. No more shins splints.