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  • garythegrim - Not the best of The Best American Short Stories series

    Having spent a great deal time in airport bookstores over a twenty year period, I became a fan of The Best American Short Stories series. I haven't done much flying in the past five years and moved away from my need to have a book in my possession that I could put down easily without feeling that I was missing something. Recently, I seized the opportunity to download and read this, the 2013 edition. Perhaps it's sign of the times, but beginning with Heidi Pitlor using the Foreword as a platform to put her personal anxieties about gun violence on display through nineteen of the twenty selections, the reader is treated to dismal stories about flawed individuals and their less-than-uplifting experiences that left me frankly depressed. The sole exception to the other dreary tales was "The World to Come" by Jim Shepard which, though fitting the pattern of the rest of the book, was rich in old words which were new to me and carefully crafted. I have purchased The Best American Short Stories 2012 and hope for something better than what was provided for 2013.

  • Andrea E. - When i first was introduce tooth's product at my spa ...

    When i first was introduce tooth's product at my spa i was so excited to try it. I wish i never did, my whole face broke out and they wouldn't refund me any $ and basically stiffed me with the products. I spent a fortune too. Not a fan of this line at all..

  • Linda Dwyer - Texturizing Taffy achieves just that

    This is the finishing touch to my hair do at home. It separates and makes my very thick hair have a good professional looking texture without a greasy feel. I do apply it every day, covering the tip of my finger, without a visible build up for as long as six days.

  • Amazon Customer - Availability of Episodes

    Amazon clearly states that the episode will most likely be available the next day after it airs on its home network. TWD Season 7 Episode 1 is currently available to stream on AMC's website.

  • Ryan - Must have for every garage

    This is the only product that even comes close to "magic fix" in the automotive area. I've been using it for a while for fuel and oil treatment to keep things in my cars nice and clean. Recently I had a terrible problem with the engine in my wife's car. The oil drain plug washer failed and all her oil spilled out on the highway without her knowing. Drove home with the CEL blinking and the car making terrible noises. She probably drove it 15 miles bone dry. Put in new oil, new filter and new drain plug gasket but the engine was still having issues. Sounded like sticky lifters. Huge headache to get them out and clean them individually, so I poured in some SeaFoam first. Cleared up the engine noise after 1-2 miles of driving. Problem has never come back. I buy this in the gallon jug when it's on sale. A little harder to measure it out, but worth having around. If you are a DIYer, check out some automotive repair forums. This aways gets high marks.

  • Brandiy - Very easy to use

    I decided to make this my own & mixed one cup powder with one container, 32oz, of very low cal chocolate soy milk & blended it in my blender. I fill 3 glasses and have one for each meal and add a cup of veg broth with dinner just to have something hot, I lost 16lbs the first month with no problems. I eat & drink normal on weekends but I've found I'm alot more choosy about what I eat.


    I ordered a sample of the product and unfortunately did not read the entire ad and they charged me $189 extra, when the ad leaves you to believe that it is a free sample. It's my fault for not thoroughly reading what I was signing up for, but their ad was completely misleading. NOT COOL life cell, NOT COOL.