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  • MNtea - Wonderful car

    Our 2016 PriusTouring 4 is wonderful. If you tried an older model Prius and gave up, try again. It's changed. I'd rented a Prius for 2 weeks about 5-6 years ago and that experience unsatisfactory. Glad I tried again. The safety features, blind spot, rear-cross traffic, forward collision prevention, are terrific. The front seat is super comfortable and driver automatic seat controls are excellent--intuitive. Like the design of the audio controls very much--not distracting like on older Prius. Storage space meets our needs fine--hatchback handy. Enjoy the surprising sports car drive and, especially with the classy looking protection package, people mistake it for a sports car. At about 3,000 miles we have gotten 63mpg. Very happy with Prius.

  • John O. Linstead - Wide Shoes Work

    I bought the Shimano wide cycling shoes to fit feet that have widened over the years due to bunions. My once 9-C feet are now 11-4Es! These size 45 shoes, though only labeled E, fit well with the Velcro straps loosened slightly, and my feet have stopped hurting after I ride. The cleats fit nicely into my 6-year-old Shimano SPD pedals and click out smartly. My only complaint is that I had to pay an extra $26 to buy and have the base with side rails installed between the cleat and the sole to make walking safer and the cleat more stable when riding. I recommend this part (it's shown on the direction sheet) and believe this should be part of the shoe as sold, as it was on my older Shimano mountain bike shoes. Perhaps this configuration is standard on road shoes, but it seems to be just another way to make more money when you already have to add about $22 for the cleats. At least it should be advertised as a needed extra at the point of sale.

  • bella meyrich - good for an overview

    the book had too much history and cultural backround rather than practical details like more restaurants and hotels and how to see the sights

  • codysplace - High quality,safe,and comforting.

    I like using this product because I feel confident using it. High quality,safe ingredients, and comforting to the user.

  • Amazon Customer - This diet pill works great! I have been taking it for a few ...

    This diet pill works great! I have been taking it for a few weeks now and have already lost 10 pounds. I take one capsule before lunch and one before supper. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite without feeling like I am starving when it starts to wear off. I also like the boost of energy it gives me when I take it. This also helps with the weight loss because I am able to be more active and therefore burn more calories.

  • shwenga - Great until it died after 32 days.

    The charger came and was excellent.... for one month. Then it began intermittently not charging / slowly charging. Next it began making a clicking noise and not charging at all. Great design and concept, but the quality isn't there in our case.

  • E-Money - Best household product you can buy

    This is the product I am most loyal to of ANY product in the last 15 yrs. nothing sticks to this and you can avoid cleaning baked on messes from your pans. The premium price is MORE than worth it.