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Fibroids Miracle™ - Treat Uterine Fibroids Naturally - A Unique 3 Step System to Beating Uterine Fibroids the Natural Way Using Holistic Medicine

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  • Amazon Customer - Great supplement

    I ordered mine from an idependant distributor. First off I like how my body felt after two weeks of using the greens. I found the colder the water or juice the better, plus mixing or shaking it really well helped desolve the greens and made it easier to drink. (I personally do not like it mixed with water, but we are all different)

  • Michael White - I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software

    I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software. While it does meet my needs , our office does a lot of encryption and data handling, even though it is a small office. When I first looked at Windows server 2012 R2, it said it could handle up to 2 TB of ram. There was nothing indicating that this was only for the full version, and that the essentials had a 64 GB forced limitation. Frankly, this is bulls***. The OS shouldn't have a purposely created limitation. I can buy the user limitation, but not for something like memory. I don't see the justification. This is a limitation on Hardware, not on users, and I don't think it is valid.

  • Jasmine R. - It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier ...

    Now, this blaster is basically a Jolt, which means about 30 feet flat and up to 50 feet angled, which is very impressive. It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier than a Jolt, so it'll still fit in a medium-sized pocket. It's not very accurate, but then again, neither is the Jolt, and to reiterate, this is basically a Jolt. But with the ability to fire three darts in a row, meaning prime, fire, prime, fire, prime, fire, not prime, fire fire fire, or prime, fire a rain of darts, this is a pretty cool gun. If you liked the Jolt, you'll love this. But my main gripe is that the trigger takes quite a bit of force to pull, unlike the Longstrike, which had probably the easiest firing trigger ever on a Nerf gun. But the Triad's trigger takes a disturbing amount of force to pull, and thus is a bit uncomfortable for puny people like me. Also, the sound when the trigger is pulled is very loud and clunky-sounding, which to me is odd, because this isn't a shotgun-style blaster; it's doing the exact same thing as a Jolt, and thus should sound like a Jolt. But it doesn't. Also, my Triad was predominantly white, not blue, which is a bummer, because I personally liked the blue better.