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  • MmmmDonuts - Looks great at first, but doesn't last.

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  • Kathleen O'Connor - ... version of Dickens' Christmas Carol--due to the incomparable incandescent joy of Alastair Sim and a host of British characte

    Unquestionably the definitive film version of Dickens' Christmas Carol--due to the incomparable incandescent joy of Alastair Sim and a host of British character actors, particularly Kathleen Harrison and Hermione Baddeley stand out as a delight. No Christmas is complete without watching Sim and company strut their stuff. The scenes of Scrooge's joyful redemption Christmas morning, his opportunity to share Christmas bounty with the Cratchets and be of real help to that family, and resumption of relations with his nephew and niece by marriage are the true meaning of the holiday!