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Jackson Womens Health, Mississippi Abortion Clinic - Jackson Women\'s Health Organization (JWHO) is a State-licensed Abortion Facility which specializes in reproductive health care including emotionally supportive abortion care.

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  • Kai Ayana - Not Easy to Play

    I was really excited to give this game to my son because he loves to play the game whenever we go to Cabela's. However, it was difficult to calibrate and even when we thought we had it, we had a hard time accurately targeting anything. So, sadly, the game isn't taken out as often as the others.


    I have been having a blast with this virtual reality headset. Although at my age it did get me a bit dizzy but I think i also have a bit of vertigo so I had to sit down to use them otherwise I made myself dizzy fro looking all around and almost fell over..HAHA I love that there is also free apps from the play store to use for these as I will be giving them as a birthday gift...although it is not his birthday yet so I am going to enjoy using them for a bit longer.

  • Cinamonbear - This Really Works!

    My eyelashes have been sparse from cancer treatment and just plain "getting older". I have used false eyelashes for many years and wanted to improve the thickness and length of my real lashes. This does work for me. It isn't over night, but with continued use it has improved my eyelash thickness, length and has helped with growing more lashes where they were spotty on the lash line. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  • Fernando Mercado Jr. - Perfect fit

    The case is exactly what the description said out to be. I really like the color and the protection it gives my device. It fit like a charm and have no hassle in removing the case whenever I want to. I would recommend this case to anyone who is looking for an affordable but durable case.

  • IRLadybug - Dammm Ms. Welch!!!!

    Medlov is one of the BEST series ever. Can I be adopted by the Medlov Family? Ms. Welch put her everything in this book. I loved part 1 and can't believe part 2 went to another level. I am not going to give away details to this story. All I am going to say is DO NOT MESS WITH DMITRY'S FAMILY!!! People you must purchase this book.. As always Ms. Welch does not disappoint.