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  • Regina - Smells Bad Even For A Natural/Organic Product

    Well this cleanser is packed with impressive ingredients however, it looks like mud coming out and smells really...REALLY... bad. It's more than a "natural" or "earthy" smell...I think it may be the mix of herbs and fullers earth but I cannot use this personally. My husband walked by the bathroom as I was using this and also commented on it, thinking there was something else brewing if you catch my drift. It did feel creamy on my face and was not drying. I also really like the packaging and the pump on the bottle, but honestly, the smell is really really bad. I use a LOT of natural and organic products so I can deal with earthy, so trust me when I tell you it smells strong in a bad way. Unless I got a bad batch, I would not try this one again.

  • Matthew - Router for those who need it.

    This router is used in my home business to host over 20 high load devices, including a FTP/File server, Nest cams, Nest thermostat, Nest fire alarms, 2 business computers, Xbox One, and 4k streaming on multiple devices. It handles the load easily and steadily without an interruption of service to any device.

  • Amzn Shopper - Just Like The Gym - Only Better!

    When our gym membership expired, my husband and I decided to purchase our own equipment. We researched treadmills for a couple of months before deciding on the Sole F80. Now that we've had it for a few days, I can easily see we made the right choice. It's very quiet and solidly built. As others have said, it is VERY heavy. We had 2 men here to meet the delivery truck. It was delivered by ABF Freight. The delivery driver was extremely nice and offered to help the guys bring the treadmill up the steps and into the house, something he was not required to do. After it was inside, my husband put it together by himself. It only took him about 20 minutes. Do be careful of the wiring in the handles. The way the screws go in, they could very easily get cut. My husband stuffed the wires down into the handles and put a piece of electrical tape over them. That worked perfectly to keep them out of the way. Something not mentioned in the description, or the manual we downloaded from Sole's website is that the treadmill has a jack to plug in your iPod (they even include the cable) and another jack to plug in your earbuds. It also has speakers. This is great for me because I don't like having my iPod clipped to my clothing while I run. Anyway, we are loving this machine!

  • casey - great cutting mat

    great cutting mat. arrived in a large box, so safely, and this is my second one, so I am very pleased with this particular cutting mat. For the price point, it serves very well. And I love the smell, seriously, fresh new plastic, smell like a brand new shower curtain. A+

  • LoisD - I won't hand them out on Halloween

    I'm so glad I read these reviews, or I might have been tempted to hand these goodies out for Trick-or-Treats on Halloween.

  • Adam Sinkiwskij - Low Budget

    I think Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a better actor than any in this movie. So glad I seen it free with my prime membership and did not actually pay for this thing. If you like low budget movies then you may enjoy it, it just hard to get past the acting.

  • Tula Holic - Not reliable

    I was a big fan of BatteryMINDer, owning seven total, including three of this model, two of which are now dead. Both died while floating a standard car battery that was not in a car, so the car is not to blame. I take good care of my equipment, batteries and chargers included. The second one died while being powered through an Isobar surge protector (includes isolated filter banks as well as high Joule protection against surges) so the power is not to blame. Loved my BatteryMINDers when they worked, but the lack of reliability is a real deal breaker for me. I buy these to take care of my batteries for me; if I have to check on them every few days, what's the point of having an expensive smart charger? I am still a fan of temperature compensated, battery charger/maintainers with desulfaters, but for my money, there are other, better, brands available here on Amazon.