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  • Cephas D Williamson - Thomas Jefferson is revealed in this book.

    Very easy to read and follow. Provides in-depth historical background and factual analysis without boring you with excessive numbers. Hartmann clearly is a progressive, however, conservatives will discover propositions and data they like also.Thus, Hartmann challenges everyone to better understand the history of our nation and government, and how it came into being, and explodes many precious myths and dogmas. Hartmann is exceptionally knowledgeable about Thomas Jefferson and that alone makes the book worth reading.

  • Carolyn B. Gatliff - Great product if you are inclined to have cold sores

    Great product if you are inclined to have cold sores. With any cold sore, immediate application is best, after the first sign, so I always keep a tube of Abreva handy for the eight people living in our home.

  • Russell - Superior to the " Bucket & Mop! "

    Anyone who really wants to clean a floor know that after the rag or mop is returned to the bucket after the first " wipe " you are dealing with contamination. I used to employ a method of using TWO buckets- one with soapy water and the other with clear water. I would rinse the rag or mop in the clear water before returning it to the other bucket. That was somewhat better, but again, one is returning a certain amount of the " dirty " water to the bucket and for all intents and purposes your attempts at cleaning the floor have utterly failed. The floormate retrieves the " dirty " water into the lower tank. There is no mixing of " clean " and " dirty."