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  • P. Karl - Poor Performer - Not Worth the Money

    Bought this based on it being the #1 seller, but performance is poor. It does, eventually, trim something from nails, but very very slowly. Any pressure at all on the cutter makes the light (which shines too high to be useful) go off. The instructions say to soak nails prior to using the trimmer, but in my experience that just reduces what little trimming occurs when dry.

  • AmazonianWoman - Junk

    Very disappointed in my Fitbit Flex. I was really enjoying it until it just stopped working less than two weeks after I bought it. My suspicion is that these devices are not as waterproof as they claim to be as it broke right after I washed my dog in the sink. $100 is a lot of money to put down on a faulty device. I'm just lucky that it happened before the Amazon return policy was up.

  • Rockeye - TOO STRONG!

    This product is definitely not good for sensitive skin. When I used it, I could smell bleach in it and it destroyed my complexion. Most of the pimples went away but when I used the so-called "Repairing Lotion", it CAUSED more pimples. I put it on my cheek and it was red the next day and I could feel a pimple forming underneath the skin, a cyst-like pimple--the worst kind you can get. The toner contains alcohol, which is too harsh for the skin (Proactiv has an alcohol-free toner) and I got so fed up with it. I stopped using everything after a week because my skin couldn't take it anymore. Be sure to test it on your skin before you use it!

  • tioroberto - Customer service is a joke with this company

    I purchased a Seiki TV at Walmart.com. because of the low price. Very poorly constructed, the coaxial input was not attached. I used the set for a monitor and it worked OK until I tried to hook up cable tv. Seiki Customer service was a joke. (The Walmart warranty had expired) I called and called Seiki trying to get this resolved. When they sent me a replacement set, it didn't work at all. Then I had to send that set back, and wait again. On the third try I received a refurbished tv as a replacement for the original. The case was scratched, and it was last years model. BUY ANOTHER BRAND IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO RESOLVE DEFECTS IN THE TV.