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  • Msteph - Can sleep without it!

    Prior to discovering the sleepytime tea, it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep and even then, I'd wake up 2-3 times throughout the night. I didn't want to take any sleep medicine because I feel like its a little risky so I looked for a more natural remedy and this tea is it! I usually drink it 30 minutes-hour before bedtime and it relaxes me and once I lay down, I'm out within minutes and can usually sleep through the night. My only advice would to be careful of the amount of liquid you consume right before lights out otherwise you'll be waking up for other reasons. Like another user observed, drinking from a small cup will do.

  • Olney Nate - this is really good stuff

    I've used it for years, but the best I can say for it is this story: For years I played a Yamaha Eb tuba. These horns have a characteristic issue with 2nd and 3rd valves sticking. (Don't look for Yamaha to tell you that, though!)

  • Kindle Customer - Horrible, terrible, yikes!!

    I decided to try something new, and ordered their ash blonde color (guaranteed to color the gray!). Well, I went from light blonde to a good match for my cherry wood furniture. Talk about brass, which was one of my requests that their color would cover. Horrible!

  • Sunshyne - Still in nursing school so it must have worked!

    I liked this book. It gave people like me - who really never had to study, points on studying and breaking down a question.