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  • Sarah Larsen - Nerium-another way for your friends to make money off you.

    Everywhere I turn someone is trying to sell me Nerium! So when a good friend of mine gave me a bottle I figured it couldn't hurt. I tried it for six weeks and maybe saw some minuscule improvement, but then again, maybe it was wishful thinking. My "friend" invited me to dinner and said she had to stop by a quick meeting for Nerium and asked if I minded coming along. this "quick meeting" was a sales pitch on trying to get people to become brand partners with promises of ipads, Lexus, and even being able to quit your full time job. Nerium seems to be a company much more focused on selling the benefits of distribution than selling the product. I suppose if you have plenty of friends who don't mind paying nearly $100 per month whether they need it or not, and who don't mind providing an income for their "friends", this just might be the business opportunity for you! As for the product, you are just as likely to see results from a regular moisturizer, drinking plenty of water and staying out of the sun!

  • David Majetich - Horrible ratings on

    Do not buy this product. It does a mediocre job of security, and it is VERY difficult to uninstall it if you decide to cancel after your subscription. After I attempted to uninstall, the company forces you to explain by two surveys why you are not going to renew. Then it installs another program on your Home Screen which is even more difficult to remove. There are too many legitimate security programs out there. Stay away from this one! Horrible ratings on BBB

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Although this is a beginner workout, it has a nice pace and is easy to follow. I like th instructor.

  • MCfromNC - A great product that works as advertised with no side effects!

    I started using this product 2 weeks ago after a friend recommended it. I began with 1 pill per meal and wanted to quickly increase my intake to 2 pills per meal. I found with 2 pills I started experiencing headaches; but as advertised with the information that was included with the bottle, I wasn't drinking enough water. So I went back down to 1 pill per meal and gradually worked my way back up. In the 2 weeks that I've been using the product I have already lost 5 lbs (with very minimal exercise during this period). This in itself is exciting, for rarely do you find a product that advertises help in weight loss that really works. What's better than this? When they say no side effects, they really mean No Side Effects (aside from the headache due to lack of water). Other than that, I haven't experienced any other negative changes in my bodily functions. I have definitely noticed a decrease in appetite, and I'm feeling great. I definitely plan to continue to utilize this product to aid in my weight loss goals going forward. A big Thank You to NatureWise for providing a product that provides the results that it advertises!

  • Larry Petersen - It was easy to install on my airplane and is working out ...

    It was easy to install on my airplane and is working out great. My problem was that when all the avionics (radios, GPS, strobe light, rotating beacon, panel lights, landing light, etc.) were turned on during flight it produced an electrical drain on the battery. If I didn't fly couple times a month or let the plane sit a few weeks, I would have a dead battery. I attached the BatteryMinder leads to the battery and zip-tied the ends to an engine support. When I am not flying I open the cowl inspection flap and very easily plug in the unit. The next time that I go flying the unit is very easy to remove and I have a strong battery for starting the engine, plus it has been desulfated. I am very satisfied with the unit and has solved the starting problem -"Is the engine going to start, after I roll the airplane out of the hanger".

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    I've been using Mary Kay products 15 years and its the only product that works for my skin type. The mary kay timewise day and night solution has been one of my best product to use on a daily basis because it helps my skin look clean and it helps eliminate pimples scars and makes my face look smooth and health. I would recommend this product to anyone that has problems with oily skin and acne problem. You will like the feeling of waking up to a beautiful and fresh look in the morning.