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  • dale hartmann - Not worth it ~~ buy another name brand ~~ do plenty of research and ask someone who owns the product how they like it

    It was a toss up between hate and I don't like it. I go for both. I have had 2 of these metal detectors. They are a piece of cow manure. I would have hoped that when you pay $180 per unit that it would last more than 2 years. It must be made in china cause everything that is made there last a year and 2 if you are lucky. My units were not abused in any way. Unless you consider walking and scanning with it abuse. NOT. The area where the batteries are keeps opening up, the coil just beeps and beeps and there is nothing to find. Just generally didn't perform the way I feel it should have. And I must say that White's customer service sucks eggs, non responsive, don't do as requested, then charges up the ying ying for things you didn't even ask for. And then to add insult to injury the metal detector didn't ever work after all that expense. After spending $360 to buy these and a couple hundred to not get it fixed properly, I am in the research phase of looking for a new detector. I do not recommend spending money on this unit.

  • Bruce - Fenix wis hands down.

    I have played with the Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition-740 Lumens $81.51 for about a month and compared it to four comparable hand sized LED flaslights: