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  • Rick - All the past goodwill has been drained

    Adobe has gone too far with this business model. Only large commercial studios will support this product from now on. The millions of small to medium pros and semi pros are burned and seeking alternatives. Hobbyists that made up a large portion of the customer base and loyalty, did I say loyalty have been abandoned by this oppressive marketing of an other wise great suite of software. I've gone from PS 5 to 6 to CS3 to CS5 and will not take the leap to CC at gun point.

  • BILL Leingang - Very Boring

    . If there was a taste of enjoyment it is never experienced Very cheap One never gets enough money to decide. Not sure I would make the decision to buy, not ever really experiencing the games. Go to other apps and you'll understand when I called this game cheap.

  • Amin - Works and comes with an easy to use dropper

    Minoxidil works, as it's currently the only topical drug used in a randomized clinical trail and has shown benefit . It has some side effects but really it's very easy to use and the main problem of headache which I got went away in a couple of weeks. Nothing too serious. It usually would happen when I would use two doses close to each other or just right after each other, which is not what is advised anyway. I started using when I noticed hair falling at about the age of 27, so I didn't have any balding. And I recommend every man who has some balding in the family, or not, use this. Think of it as brushing your teeth, not some medicine. It keeps the hair much better and fuller. God for both men and women at this 5% concentration. Some studies have shown women to show a better response to the 5% than the 2% so why not use this?


    After months of research I finally decided on this stroller for my 6 month old son. I was tired of the huge travel system stroller and wanted something easier to use for traveling. We just got home from a cross-country trip through many airports and over many different types of terrain. I was traveling alone with my son so I had to get through airport security on my own. I was actually able to unfold this stroller with one hand while holding my son in my other arm! The ride is so smooth, you are able to steer with one hand, and the seat looks much more comfortable than the city mini (which I was actually planning on buying before the B-Agile came out). This stroller glides over uneven sidewalks, uncut grass, and smooth surfaces alike. The only trouble I had was when I tried taking it across the beach (I was not surprised as I did not purchase an all-terrain stroller). I find the basket to be sufficient but generally attach my diaper bag to the handle for easier access. I have not had an issue with the stroller tipping over when I take my son out of the seat. My only complaint is that the brakes kind of click once I unlock them. I have looked at the brake mechanism and cannot figure out where the sound is actually coming from. This is just a minor annoyance and not enough for me to lower my rating. All in all, I have been extremely happy with my purchase. I truly feel that all my research paid off. So, if you are still researching, you can stop right now. You have found the best stroller out there that is actually affordable for the average consumer!

  • Carol S Williams - Beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament- I collect them and they ...

    Beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament- I collect them and they look beautiful on my Christmas tree. Arrived promptly and in perfect condition.