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Houston Bay area Fertility Center –Infertility clinic, Fertility Clinic in Houston, IVF, IUI, Tubal Reversal in Houston, Texas - Houston Bay Area Fertility Center offers hope for women who have troubles conceiving. Dr.Nagamani is one of the leaders in the field of infertility. She has more than 25 years experience treating women with infertility as the Director of the Infertility and In vitro fertilization program at the university.

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  • Ro Can - Be warned

    I like the meter fine, when it works. First big problem: Ive never been able to get control solution, even after 3 requests. Second big problem: the battery lasts less than one week (!) and customer service has not been helpful at all. They have not answered my last email (which gave them information they requested to solve the battery problem) and phone support is non-existent. (There is a phone number, but its always "under maintenance," voice-mailboxes are full, and menu choices are garbled. I have other iHealth products that are terrific, and their current app update (iPhone) finally works as it should. Id like this meter to work, since I have lots of strips. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • Mets Fan - The costume is fantastic for any child that loves Paw Patrol

    We recently purchased this for our two year old son! The costume is fantastic for any child that loves Paw Patrol! It comes in a one piece jumper where my son can put his feet in on top of his clothes. The material is very soft and not itchy. Even the hat is soft! My only problem is telling him to take it off. Great costume for Halloween!

  • Steve Livingston - The Do Better Manual

    Disclaimer: I'm a white guy. I'm a white guy who is committed to doing better - which means learning to be less of a racist, less of a sexist. So here's a book by a woman of color audaciously titled "I'm Judging You", and it's all about me, about white guys, about the stuff we do that it harmful to people who aren't white guys, that reinforces the perceptions that non-maleness is inferior, and that non-whiteness is inferior. You don't think that's true? Well, then, this book is probably not for you. It is, after all, "the Do Better Manual", so if you think you're already doing fine, don't waste your precious time. But if you've come to the point in your life where you understand why "Black Lives Matter" and why our Constitution needs an Equal Rights Amendment, this book will take you to the next level with grace and humor. Author Luvvie Ajayi conveys her judgments unabashedly but without the least bit of rancor, her writing is clear and compelling yet constantly entertaining. Just the kind of help I was looking for!

  • Zach S. - Sleep Like You're Dead Inside!

    As a recently married young adult, I have come into a lot of hand-me-downs. Chief among them was the mattress my wife and I were given when we were wed, which was not so much a gift as it was a family heirloom. Our last mattress was a time-capsule of mysterious origin, and was well weathered, having witnessed the fall of Rome, the disintegration of segregation, and my own conception some thirty years ago (don't worry, we used a mattress cover). The old mattress has since been donated to the Smithsonian where it now rests somewhere in the corridor between the Wright Brother's plane and the actual Rosetta Stone, which incidentally would have provided a better sleeping surface.