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Hopkins Pharmacy - Prescriptions | Philadelphia, PA - FREE off-street parking. We carry Windmill vitamins, compression stockings, wound care, Bridgewater candles, greeting cards, and more! Call 215-483-0900.

  • http://hopkinsrx.com/products-services/3295356 Pharmacy | Greeting Cards | Candles | Philadelphia, PA - We also have Windmill vitamins, compression stockings, wound care, Bridgewater candles, greeting cards, and more! Call 215-483-0900.
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  • http://hopkinsrx.com/contact/3295359 Hopkins Pharmacy - Philadelphia, PA | 215-483-0900 - Call Hopkins Pharmacy at 215-483-0900 or visit 7700 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Great customer service. Prescriptions, medical equipment, walkers.

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  • Karen - Reggie Mantle is evil

    Get to see just how devious Reggie really is. He does not really even want the girl. These are some fun romps with the gang before they became true friends.

  • Brooke - Works great for lifting.

    I shake the bottle and put 3-4 drops on my hands, rub them together, and I'm good to lift. Certainly improves my grip and is 0 mess. Highly recommended.

  • Caitlin Scharper - Gets you going.

    Love the energy and focus I get after taking this product. If you are looking for something to get you going and keep you going this is the product. If you have a hard time going to sleep at night I would start with only one pill until you can handle both. Otherwise this is a great replacement for soda and energy drinks and even coffee.

  • John Griffin - Difficult ordering procedure

    I hate the procedures that I have to go through just to order this program. trying to remember Amazon user names and passwords really is confusing. Then I'm told that part of the ordering procedure that should take "less than a minute" may take hours or days!! What the hell is the problem?

  • G. Nguyen - The best $25 spent during the medical school admissions process

    Definitely comes in handy when you need to do preliminary research on the schools you are interested in applying to.

  • Emily Turner - Wanted to love it

    I had really high hopes for this bed. I moved to a new city and needed a new bed. I saw ads for the Purple mattress and loved the concept of it, so I thought I would give it a try. I definitely wasn't in love after the first night, which was a little disappointing. The bed is extremely firm. I think as a lighter weight person, I was not heavy enough to sink into the top layer of the bed. I'm 5'4'' 115lbs and my boyfriend is 6'2'' 170lbs, we both felt too light when laying flat on the bed. When you sit on the bed it seems so comfortable and sinks in quite a bit, but when you lay down and your weight distributes, it is much different. I read reviews that said to wait 30 days to adjust to the bed, but everyday I woke up sore and hurting. Also not sure if this is from the bed, but I could not sleep under the covers on this bed. I would wake up extremely hot and sweating. I thought the bed was designed to be cool, but it didn't seem that way. We even used the recommended sheets. I wear a Fitbit when I sleep, and I was restless/waking up 30 or more times every night.