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  • Debra - The characters in this book really come alive and I ...

    The characters in this book really come alive and I found myself in the room, or on the fields, or in the palaces & prisons with them.

  • James - Its Simply Toyota reliable...enough said

    It's simply Toyota reliable. Last one 290000 miles 12 years old sold it for way more than I thought. I'll give this a full review in another 12 years and 288000 miles lol. Happy trails. Jim

  • C Man - 000 miles it still looks good.

    Mobil 1 gear oil is all I use for my silverado rear differential, after 100,000 miles it still looks good.

  • Comp Expert - Superb DC-backlit (no flicker) IPS monitor at a low price

    I needed a work monitor and wanted IPS, even though I don't do photo work, but these days there is NO reason to have a TN panel. I was shocked at how low the price of this Acer is but having owned another Acer monitor, I felt confident it would be good quality. And yes, the text is crisp and color perfect. Since it is IPS, no problems with off-angle viewing. Also note this panel is DC backlighting and NOT PWM! This means, in layman's terms, that your screen won't flicker and cause headaches for those with light sensitivity. Acer needs to step up its marketing of being a flicker free budget monitor. But anyway, I am satisfied. It is worth every penny.