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┬░HOTEL CALAN BLANES MENORCA ISLAND 3* (Spain) - from INR 7747 | iBOOKED - Calan Blanes - Offering 103 rooms, the unique Calan Blanes Hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, a sun terrace and a tennis court available on site. A short stroll of 30 minutes will take you to Cala Morell, Cathedral Ciudadela and Municipal Museum of Ciutadella des Bastio de sa Font.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

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    Don't buy this software unless you can solve any problems yourself. There is no support to speak of. The online support takes 3 days to get a response. Most responses require that you do all the work. The instructions they give are inadequate, incomplete and ineffective. You never get the same analyst twice. They will try to close your problem automatically within 5 days if you don't keep on them. I never got my problem solved. The software doesn't work. You're on your own.

  • jchristalini06 - I switched so the rear facing is behind the driver and I can see just fine.

    I have two of these carseats. One is installed rear facing for my 10mo old and the other forward facing for my three year old. The only problem I have encountered is that if I put the rear facing behind the passenger seat I absolutely cannot see my blind spot on the right side of the car. I switched so the rear facing is behind the driver and I can see just fine.

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    Though all Kinslow's books contain important, fascinating techniques, which, if practised, will lead you to enlightenment, or so the author claims (and I believe him), I did not find this book as enthralling as his previous ones.