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Hefferon Heating & Cooling Company | Danbury, Connecticut - Hefferon Heating & Cooling is a Fairfield County, Connecticut favorite, bringing comfort and care to local homes and businesses.

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  • TX Aggie PM - DO NOT BUY

    I've been using the H&R Block At Home software for personal tax prep for about five years. While the UI is pretty clunky (something I can sympathize with considering our Harpoon 3 software), the net result has been pretty effective preparation of my tax return.

  • mariom131 - Glad I got them.

    Just arrived at my door at 10:30am. After I got off work I installed them and they work and I'm happy with them. I was able to install my Tail Light Guard on these LED Light. Install was very easy, it's just plug and play.

  • Vincent - Tutorial would be nice. Finalizing a DVD is not absolute

    Tutorial would be nice. Finalizing a DVD is not absolute. Will not tell me how I can convert video files to compatible format.

  • Delo Bookhardt - They are absolutely wonderful. My husband and I are in do the ...

    I purchased this Hallmark software because mine is a 2012 program. Over the years I have had several of these Hallmark programs. They are absolutely wonderful. My husband and I are in do the card ministry for our church and without these programs it would be impossible. AWESOME SOFTWARE!!!!!! Highly recommended!!! A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A

  • Robert C. - good security software

    This is good affordable software to protect your computer from internet threats. It has many useful features such as browsing and search suggestions.

  • Amazon Customer - Love, love, love it

    I was having some problems with lethargy and hair loss, so I decided to take B-12 supplements (blood work revealed just over the low limit of the range, ~212 pg). Reviews on Amazon/research told me that liquid/lozenge form was the way to go - that absorption is limited via pill. I first tried a highly rated methylcobalamin liquid formula that worked pretty well, but I was still tired and had a little bit of hair loss. I switched to this product and it works really, really well! Hair loss has stopped and while I'm not bouncing off the walls, I don't yawn all day long/come home and crawl into bed. I need to have blood work done again to see what my new levels are (they may still be low and I may have an overall absorption issue), but I have definitely noticed a difference!