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Hand-Drawn Goods – Hand-Drawn Icons, Vector Icons, UI kit - Hand-Drawn Goods is a place to shop for hand-drawn icons and UI elements. Get these unique hand-drawn icons to add personality and joy to your project!

  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/ Store — Hand-Drawn Icon Sets by Hand-Drawn Goods - Hand-drawn icon sets and neat UI elements add a personal touch to your projects and help you communicate with your audience in a friendly informal way.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/hand-drawn-bundles/ Hand-Drawn Bundles — by Hand-Drawn Goods - We released two hand-drawn bundles and a bunch of icon sets, icon fonts and the hand-drawn UI. If you are designing a hand-drawn website, check those out!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/jolly-ui-hand-drawn-ui-kit/ Jolly UI — vector hand-drawn UI kit by Hand-Drawn Goods - This sketchy UI kit contains 200+ hand-drawn UI elements, originally hand-crafted and then vectorized. Download the free version now!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/jolly-bundle-hand-drawn-icons-ui-elements-for-hand-drawn-websites/ FAQ – Hand Drawn Icons and UI Elements - Frequently asked questions regarding both commercial sets (Jolly Icons etc.) and free hand drawn icons (Busy Icons Free) released by Hand Drawn Goods.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/about-hand-drawn-goods/ About – Hand Drawn Goods - Hand drawn icons are created by Hand Drawn Goods project. We love hand drawn UI and make unique icons to bring personality and joy to people's projects!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/freebies/ Free Icons by Hand Drawn Goods - Free icons are released by the creators Hand Drawn Goods. All the free icons are avaliable in 4 formats (including .ai vector icons) and 4 sizes.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/tasty-icons-500-hand-drawn-food-icons/ Tasty Icons — 500 hand-drawn food icons - Huge food and restaurant icon set of 500 hand-drawn vector food icons made from hundreds of ingredients, world famous dishes, and the true love for food.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/handy-bundle-1-vector-hand-drawn-icons-in-one/ Handy Bundle 1 – 900 vector hand-drawn icons - Handy Bundle 1 includes more then 900 hand-drawn icons avaliable in 4 formats (including vector) and 4 sizes released by Hand Drawn Goods.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/spooky-icons-100-hand-drawn-halloween-icons/ Spooky Icons — 100 hand-drawn Halloween icons by HDG - 100 hand-drawn Halloween vectors — in the scariest (and very cute) icon set of Halloween icons! Royalty-free and avaliable in 4 formats: AI, PSD, EPS, JPG.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/jolly-bundle-hand-drawn-icons-ui-elements-for-hand-drawn-websites/ Jolly Bundle: hand-drawn icons & UI for hand-drawn websites - Get 400 hand-drawn vector icons and a whole hand-drawn UI kit in one bundle — and build hand-drawn websites, hand-drawn games and hand-drawn designs!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/busy-icons-340-hand-drawn-office-and-business-icons/ Busy Icons — 340 hand-drawn office and business icons - Busy Icons is a set of 160 hand-drawn vector business icons available in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/newsletter/ Subscribe to the Newsletter — Hand-Drawn Goods - We send a newsletter about released icons sets and freebies, and share promo codes — exclusively for our readers.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/tasty-icons-free-food-icons/ Tasty Icons Free — 36 free food icons - Download free food icons set by Hand-Drawn Goods for restaurant menus and food designs. Includes vector formats. Full set includes 500 food icons.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/spooky-icons-free-12-free-halloween-icons-vector/ Spooky Icons Free — 12 Free Halloween Icons (Vector) - Spooky Icons Free includes 12 free Halloween icons: ghost, grave, zombie, Jack-O’-Lantern, candy, skull, werewolf, bats and the Grim Reaper!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/store/sunny-icons-free-12-free-weather-icons/ Sunny Icons Free — 12 Free Weather Icons — Hand-Drawn Goods - Sunny Icons Free is a set of 12 free weather icons avaliable in .ai, .psd and .png formats. All icons have been originally hand-drawn and then vectorized.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/blog/ Hand-Drawn Goods — Blog - From Hand Drawn Goods blog you'll get the news about fresh icon releases, usability tips and reference to other awesome hand-drawn resources.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/release/hand-drawn-food-mini-sets/ Hand-Drawn Food Icons — 6 mini-sets by Hand-Drawn Goods - Grab these hand-drawn food vectors, print them, use in your menu designs, on a website, in an app, newsletter or on packaging. Bon appétit!
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/update/icon-fonts-update-hand-drawn-svg-icons/ Icon Fonts update and hand-drawn SVG icons — Hand-Drawn Goods - We added optimized SVG icons to icon font products, standardized and refactored CSS files and added SVG defs to SVG icons download.
  • http://handdrawngoods.com/tools/visual-thinking-simple-diargams-app-and-hand-drawn-goods/ Visual thinking with Simple Diargams and Hand-Drawn Goods - Make sketches and mind maps with Simple Diagrams using hand-drawn icons by Hand-Drawn Goods for visual thinking

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  • Johnny - Perfect

    I wear a size 9 and I bought a 43 regular. It fit perfectly. It is remarkably comfortable And cool even after longer rides. Would recommend and would buy again if my current pair gives out.

  • Reanna R. King - A beginning to end thriller-- for its appropriate audience.

    Before I begin my review, I must introduce myself as an optimist and a very emotional, sentimental person who usually prefers happy endings. I cry at episodes of cartoon shows, and I tend to become very emotionally invested in anything I watch or read. Despite this, I have a soft spot for disaster movies, the more over the top the better. I went into this movie already having enjoyed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unsure how I would receive this. The trailer wowed me, but I was unsure if I could handle a film of this magnitude.

  • Aly VanderPlas - I love these mats

    I love these mats. The only downside is that the captains seats are stationary and can not be moved backwards any further due to the constraints of the mats,