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  • Carol Stepp - I would definately recommend this product

    I paid $100.00 for this full price at a tanning salon, I just loved it, it made your skin so soft and your tan looked natural. Would definately recommend this product.

  • foolish - Entry-level digital piano with awesome action

    I got this one for practice at night. I was looking for one with action that feels closest to my Yamaha baby grand. The digital piano is quite simple by any standard, but the action feels more authentic than any other digital pianos I tried so far (Casio PX*, Yamaha P*, Yamaha CP*, Korg, ...) with prices up to $1500. I got my CDP-130 from guitarcenter for $300. It's amazing to find a cheap digital piano / keyboard with such a great action.

  • James Hough - Tell my wife I loved her...

    I type this as I sit in the smallest room in the house, the wallpaper theme of lighthouses and seagulls mocking me. The tiny carved soaps, for display only, and the towels reserved exclusively for guests, mere set decoration on the stage of my parting. I am at peace; I am ready to go. Had I read the reviews, I may not be in this predicament, but this is no time for regret. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, though the battle was valiant, the ultimate result was determined before the first arrow was loosed. I shall resign myself to my fate.

  • Rick Marchione - Great Taters

    Best tasting "instant" real mashed potatoes I've ever had and so easy to prepare. We sure are happy to find these at Amazon. Our local grocer for years carried these, and with no explanation, just gone, off the shelve, never to return. Thank you Amazon

  • Daggwood - Saved My Fish!

    I didn't cycle my tank for long enough and had a sharp nitrite spike shortly after adding my fish. Prime to the rescue! It stabilized the toxic nitrites down to safe levels by adding it daily until by biofilter caught up. I've used Prime many times in the past as a basic water conditioner, but it's properties are amazing at keeping things stable and not being able to overdose. Prime basically saved my fish!

  • Overall Good Information on Diet/Other Useful Books - Overall Good Information on Diet/Other Useful Books

    This book has a lot of good information and successfully combines several different theories of nutrition. One drawback is that they often reference products of their own and consistently use Stevia as a sweetener in their recipes. Lots of people use stevia, but I personally do not like it, therefore I'm back to no foods with a sweet taste. Gail Burton's book, Candida Control Cookbook, does mention a type of vegetable glycerine which may work for a sweetener.