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  • A. Alfaro - Wasn't real impressed.......

    I bought this game after using my EA Active Sports (which I love) game for about 6 months and I thought that it would give me variety on my workouts. Maybe I'm just used to the "user-friendliness" of the other game but this one gave no real instruction on how to do the different exercises. If an inexperienced person were to buy this game they might not be able to do them correctly and get the full benefit of the exercises. It boasts better movement detection but it seems that you can't get the remote in "just the right position" to register your movements correctly. I spent most of my workout getting frustrated because it wasn't even registering my movements. Needless to say, I have gone back to my EA Active Sports game and am anxiously awaiting the "More Workouts" version when it comes out.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic, light

    Fantastic, light, comfortable ( I've got some bigger hands, I'm like 6'0 lanky guy) I immediately noticed how well the sensor is and the mouse is really comfortable. It's a lighter version of the Deathadder which was my mouse for like 3-4 years.

  • Amazon Customer - My original power adapter that came with my computer lasted ...

    My original power adapter that came with my computer lasted 5 years. This one lasted four days. Now it won't charge even though the computer recognizes it.

  • SanPa - Horrible Mistake

    I've used TurboTax for the last 8 yrs, but pricing was really getting on my nerve. I decided to try H&R Block-ware - big mistake. The program bugs have included missing complete forms (e.g. 1098T), misdirects of tax years (e.g. prior to version updat, my file force saved as default 2011, even after manually changed to 2012!!!). constantly changing background calculations (a refund dropping from $7x to $4x after an update leaves you wondering about accuracy if each update results in a different tax liability). I only hope that TT will allow me to import from Blockheadware come next tax season.

  • Solbin - This is just a regular TV antenna

    Guys, don't buy into the hype. This won't work much, if any, better than the old rabbit ears everyone used to have. If you want to get a good indoor antenna, look at RCA ANT1650F/ANT1650R or similar. That is the top of the line RCA antenna, it is slightly more expensive than this one, but it will work much, much better.