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  • Thunderbolt1 - SO AWESOME!

    I CANNOT, will NOT or ever do without this product! I take a bottle of this stuff with me to the nail salon and everyone always wonders what it is. My nail tech tried to paint it on, but I told him to let me show him how to do it. I merely drop the oil on the nail without the brush making contact, then spreads out all over the surface, and within seconds, my nails are dry, and the cuticles moisturized. I went into a grocery store with my mom last year, and they had Dry Kwik marked down to .99 cents a bottle! We bought out the whole store, and now I won't run out for a good while. I hope Sally Hansen keeps making this stuff, because it is so much better than those sprays that they have at the nail salons, which get little bubbles on the surface. Trust me. This stuff really works and you end up with a shiny, moisturized nail color!

  • Amazon Ron - WOW!!!! Will never use another AntiVirus program again!!!!

    WOW!!!! What an outstanding AntiVirus program!!!! Barely notice it's there. Doesn't hog system resources and battery like almost all the rest of them. Webroot is genius for offloading the heavy lifting to their own servers.

  • Amazon Customer - Best tasting BCAA's ive ever had

    Best tasting BCAA's ive ever had. Super important to have pre or post workout because it helps retain muscle by preventing your msuvles from eating away at themselves during/post work out - which is why you see BCAA in all whey protein.

  • Patricia Young - Almased Diet Powder

    This stuff works great!!! I'm hypoglycemic and can't go without food (or a supplement)for more than 3 hours or so at a time, but this was effective in making me feel full and keeping me full for 3 hours, and it seemed like it helped repress my deire for sweets, but that could be just me. A word to the other hypo- or hyperglycemics out there: this stuff does what it says it will, and will not make you crash. At least it didn't for me, and I'm pretty sensitive. I didn't dare completely replace food with it though; so I 'd have a good balanced breakfast and have Almased for my remaining meals. It kept me full and energized, which was a pleasant surprise.

  • Matthew Wood - Good but not great

    OK so this is a real review people. So first, i will say its a little hard for me to judge while i have been on this because of not having a full time job right now. With the master brain AM i had to try a few different things just because i am a little extra sensitive than most when it comes to supplements and caffeine(there is some in this). First, i tried 2(3 is the supplement serving size) along with my normal cup of coffee. And later in the daytime i felt a little jittery. so after a week and a half of feeling the same with the AM, i cut coffee out completely . For a few days i would try the max serving of 3 to see how i felt and ended up going back to 2 still with no coffee. I seemed to be ok after that. It helped me feel better by a mild margin. Like i said hard to judge since i am jobless right now.

  • Looking Glass - Elle

    Always enjoyable! The photography is beautiful, the stories interesting and bountiful on the current world of fashion and trends. It is always a delight to steal moments to enjoy Elle!