Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center - GBHWC | Formerly Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse - Guam Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse (GBHWC) provides comprehensive mental health, alcohol and drug programs and services for adults and children on Guam.

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  • Graham Wright - Decent value for money but TERRIBLE reliability - be warned

    I ordered 3, 1 for each of my kids and 1 for me to try out. Great looking value on paper - 10" touchscreens for a fraction of the price. DO NOT DO IT. We'll call them #1, #2, and #3. #3 has poor sound but works well on headphones. Inexplicable when #1 and #2 had good sound. #1 was dead on arrival and didn't know it yet - the fan inside made a sound similar to a bodily function. It cost $30.00 to send back and a $26USD "restocking fee" even though it has a warranty. #4 (replacement for #1) got stepped on (not iRulu's fault) and was replaced in a similar fashion. #5 arrived and was sent back because it could no longer boot into Android. $30 to ship back plus $26 USD restocking fee. #2 died (would not boot suddenly) and is now on the way as #6 ($30 to ship back and $26 USD restocking fee. If you enjoy paying for shipping and restocking fees then go ahead (they are still cheaper even now) but the hassle factor is pretty darn high. Think about buying something local so you don't have to deal with this. For the brief time they work, they are good for the money but bear this review in mind.

  • Amazon Customer - Powered Our House for Seven Days

    We lost our power for seven days due to hurricane Sandy. We ran the generator intermittently for five hours a day to maintain a fair level of heat and to keep our refrigerato/freezer cold enough to preserve the food we had on hand. The machine worked perfectly. Usually started with one pull. Couldn't have asked for more.

  • Areta - Premium for sure!

    We have used two other carseats in this decade - the chicco keyfit 30 and an evenflo titan. The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 is .. ugh. It's wonderful. It looks great. It feels extra premium. The fabric is good, shiny, resists pet hair and crumbs. It feels nice. Everything is cushioned. The strap covers don't get all disgusting with a little drool. This car seat is SO PREMIUM.

  • David W. Spain - why did i buy this

    it took too long to put on, looked horrible and wiped right off with tissue!! my 3 year old daughter was laughing at me every time that i came out with a new shade trying to match my face. at least we had fun laughing at the results. i do hate that i'm out $50 though!

  • Alfredo J. Guerra - Good deal for the price

    So far it has performed as advertised;the only complaint I have is that the hand rails are kind of low.

  • joe matysik - The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure

    Ok so maybe I didn't know what a dive knife was when I was ordering this. I guess dive knife means that it doesn't have a point on the blade (not sure why that is) What I really wanted was a knife that wouldn't rust sitting in the deck bag of my kayak. Knife is darn sharp and is very well made. Serration is mush sharper then the standard blade part but I took care of that with a ceramic sharper in quick order and now all of it is very sharp. The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure. For the money I would say well worth it for a waterproof knife. Only complaint is that the entire back side of the knife is not sharp at all (maybe it isn't supposed to be as a dive knife???)