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Is Flagyl An Antibiotic - If Patients Receiving Flagyl Drink Alcoholic Beverages Or Take Hypoglycaemic Alcohol-containing Medicines Roomie You Are Vela Charming For An Intestinal Antibiotic And A Semicolon After 'interesting'.

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    I have taken 2 regimens of Amberen and I am amazed at the success of the product on my hot flashes. We are talking a half dozen flashes at night and easily twice that during the day. (burning body, sweat drippping down my forehead and cheeks--and I do mean dripping!) I could not believe it , but Amberen brought me relief!! Total relief! All flashes--GONE! I took it for 3 months and was 2 months off and went on again as the flashes returned. I am about to enter my off period and I do hope that it lasts longer than 2 months because I am a healthy woman otherwise and not a "pill popper". I have no other annoying meno-symptoms, so I would rather not take anything. It is an amazing product.

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    Great holo nail polish. Saw this on You Tube channel Simply Nailogical. I love the way it looks in the sun.