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  • Steve S - Product okay, customer service terrible.

    I have used this product for over 6 months without a problem,other than slowing the computer down. Now it keeps shutting down or not starting at all. I have contacted customer support several times via email and chat. The people at chat are useless. The emails take about 3 days to get an answer. I wasted a whole day waiting for them to call me after being told they would phone me shortly. They never did call. I am now searching for a better product. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Gsanbrook - Forget it.

    I finally gave up using Quicken all together. Too many problems with the online integration with my banks. Over and over, issues upon issues. Quicken support did help, but the solution was to un-install, run a utility, re-install. Finally gave into my frustration and common sense and just quit it. I keep it around for historical records of my accounts, but that is it. My plan, when I get some time, is to just export all the transactions to cvs format and un-install this piece of junk, once and for all. I have checks/accounts that go back to 1994. That's how long I have used Quicken, but no more.

  • Music29418 - Publisher

    Publisher is my favorite program to work in. I use it at work, at home, and at church. It's also user friendly and I would recommend this program to all of those who work in the office or for those who work with websites.

  • Richard Turley - Stay Away!

    These bears are bad. Very, very bad. I doubted the authenticity of the majority of these reviews so I took it upon myself as a man of science, fueled by curiosity to see for myself how bad these things really were.