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  • Timothy Mason - If you need this, you REALLY NEED THIS.

    I can accept that the top of my head is getting thin. I am even going to embrace it, come New Years Day with a new lack of hair style, when I finally free my scalp from the bondage of hair. The same hair that used to populate the top of my head is now growing on my back, but this is unacceptable. It had to go.

  • James Andrews - Best GPS Ever - This program beats any GARMIN or Tom-Tom

    This program when loaded on a laptop computer will provide the largest GPS Display possible in a mobile situation. I use it every day in my work to locate pole mounted high-voltage switches. I simply place an icon on the map at the proper location and then drive to the icon. I don't need an address to find a particular location. Also the look ahead capabilities are much better on the Streets & Trips 2013 than with any other type of GPS. This gives me the ability to see several streets or roads ahead that intersect the road I am driving on at the time. This look ahead capability allows me to have "command control" and change the route on the fly as needed. This prevents the GPS from routing me thru congested areas with excessive stop lights since I rarely use the route planner option on a GPS. I simply put an icon on the map at my destination, enable the GPS tracking and the drive toward the icon. Along the way I gradually zoom the map as I get closer to my destination so I can see more detail. This can also be done at any point along the route as needed.

  • JB Maverick - Different strokes

    From using this, and from reading the reviews, I've concluded that, like many things, it simply works well for some people, doesn't work well for others. I've only been using it for about a month, so this is a limited report, but I can say that it works miracles (on me anyway) as far as getting rid of puffiness, "bags" under my eyes - virtually totally erases them within just a few minutes of application. I've also seen some slight improvement in my overall skin color (reducing age spots, redness, etc.). Excellent as a moisturizer. Wrinkles: reduces, but no miraculous vanishing comparable to what it does for bags under the eyes - most effective on the large wrinkles across my neck. Have not noticed tightening or "lifting" along my jaw line (but again, I've been using it less than 4 weeks). Hard to get away from the fact that this product, no matter how good it is, is way overpriced - so much so that I was kind of hoping that it WOULDN'T work at all, so that I wouldn't have to consider spending that much money. I still haven't made up my mind whether I'll continue with it. If it was about half the cost, I'd definitely continue with it to see how it does over a 2-3 month period, but it's really hard to justify spending that much money when you can find comparable quality formulas for much, much less. (Also, claims to be "all-in-one", but it's not since they specifically tell you it's NOT for use over your eyes (upper eyelids).

  • Chlöe Nicole Hensley - Intense

    I see a few people giving this bad reviews. I think the point here is that you have to know who Jillian Michaels is. And, if your new to fitness, then you probably won't. She's a pretty intense hardcore fitness professional. And, this game shows it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as Wii Fit Plus and other games, but then again, that is not what Jillian Michaels is about. She's about hardcore fitness and getting you to her level.