Eurogene portal - Eurogene is an e-learning content repository in the genetics domain. Eurogene provides resources, such as presentations, images, videos or aggregated learning packages, to support teaching and learning statistical, medical and molecular genetics.

  • Consanguinity and intellectual and developmental disabilities | Eurogene portal - Studies into the influence of consanguinity on intellectual performance have produced quite varied results. In a small-scale USA study no significant
  • Analysis of omics data | Eurogene portal - Current biomedical research is experiencing a large boost in the amount of data generated. Individual genomes are being characterized at increased lev
  • Unexpected findings in TALS/MOPD1 : an illustration of homozygosity mapping by genomic control | Eurogene portal - Taybi-Linder syndrome/MOPD1 [OMIM 210710] is a rare recessive disorder characterized by brain and bone malformations and unexplained postnatal death.
  • Dealing with genetic (sub)structure in GWAS | Eurogene portal - Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) is a powerful tool for identifying loci involved in the control of complex traits. In most GWAS, study particip
  •â%2580%2599s-53-memb-0.html Main Issues, Opportunities and Challenges for a New Policy Framework of the WHO European Region’s 53 Member States | Eurogene portal - Historically, the countries of the European Region have achieved unprecedented levels of health. On average, people now live longer and enjoy better h
  • The Changing Roles of the Public and Private sectors in NHS and US Health Care | Eurogene portal - Methodological Workshop, given during ESGM First Summer Course in Comparative Health.
  • Analyzing the Changing Role of the Physician in the USA/UK Health Care Systems | Eurogene portal - Influenced strongly by their respective national politics and the real threat of rising health care costs, the health care systems of the United Kingd
  • The health reforms of the Lula governments in Brazil | Eurogene portal - According to the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, Brazil has designed a universal health care system. Despite the progresses achieved in the last 15 ye
  • The impact of Genetic Medicine on common and rare genetic disorders | Eurogene portal - METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP given during the ESGM First Summer Course in Comparative Health.
  • ESGM 1st Course on Molecular and Statistical Genetics of Consanguinity | Eurogene portal - Consanguinity, that is the practice to get married between closely related individuals, is still a common habit in many regions of the world.
  • ESGM - Basic and Advanced Course in Genetic Counselling in Practice 2012 | Eurogene portal - This course represents an evolution of the `Genetic Counselling in Practice` courses that has run successfully over the past ten years. The new course

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