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  • Amazon Customer - Naural ingredients with retinol and nice dispenser jar

    This is high quality cream. It is not very thick so I do sometimes add a light moisturizer over it. I want to use the most natural ingredients possible yet this also contains 2.5% retinol. I like the push-top dispenser and the fact that when it gets low in the jar it is easy to unscrew the top to get all of the product out.

  • Sue B - Dramatic Improvement for Damaged Hair

    What an amazing improvement to perm damage hair. I was ready to cut it all off (the hair) when I discover these products. They are definitely worth the money. My response upon using was OMG. It does make that much difference. Love it.

  • KSHess - foolishness

    I got this for my reader and for my daughter. It was not really all that impressive. Similar to some of the companion books for the series with a lot less flare. It fell flat.

  • Brian Hahn - waste of money and time

    I put this on my deck last august. My wife and I followed the instructions to a tee. We were happy with the results for about 3 weeks when we noticed a bubble in the Restore. This was approaching fall in Minnesota we decided to wait until spring to do anything. I thought I would scrap off the bubble rough up the surface and redo. I was very wrong. Spring is here and the whole deck has bubbled and peeled off. I can actually blow the stuff off with a weed blower. Do NOT use this stuff it is not worth the money not the time.

  • Kodan - Boost energy and no more stomach ache!!

    I didn't buy cellfood from Amazon , but I thought I needed to write a small review for this wonderful product. This morning I had intense stomach pain, and I tried everything to make it subside but nothing worked. I had a guest over and thankfully she was carrying this bottle of cellfood with her. I was skeptical at first but since I was in sooo much pain I was like eh what the hell, i'll try it. WOW within few seconds I don't feel pain any more , and my energy level increased tremendously for some reason. I have NEVER heard of this product before. To be honest, it sounds like a scam to me. I wish I have known sooner! I went to Amazon to check reviews and there were a lot of positive feedbacks, so I know I'm not the only one experiencing positive reaction from this product. I will definitely buy one in the future just in case!

  • Cindi - This brand is the most amazing brand I have found

    First off let me just say that if you are on the fence about this, check out their entire line!!!! Just do it! This brand is the most amazing brand I have found! I have bought almost every item they have and keep coming back for more. I haven't found anything this company makes that hasn't been a great purchase. I used this for the first time tonight, I have stress and anxiety issues, so my hair comes out pretty easily. Not to mention damage from hair dyes and over processing. The box is clearly labeled with what it claims to do, as well as directions for use. You get 8 packs of treatment as well as a hair cap to use with each treatment. The smell is pretty good, I don't have an issue with it. After use I dried my hair and I truly felt like my hair was instantly healthier, more moisturized, and my scalp felt....clean!!! I love this stuff. With continued use I am entirely confident that my hair will grow healthy and shiny like it should. Thank you Pura d'Or!!! Keep it up!

  • Victoria J. Faust - Yes, it has a slight (medicine-ey?) If that's a word Smell....But Wonderful

    I love this stuff, that and Purity Made Simple. That smells a little like Medicine also, but I think that the line was first made for people with skin problems and eventually made it to regular old ladies (55 soon) But it is great for all ages. I am just one of those people that was blessed with skin that took awhile to show wrinkles. I started with the line 4 years ago and have been very happy with 95% of the products. Some things just don't work for everyone.