eRx Script Exchange - eRx Script Exchange - Australia's largest and most clinically significant health information exchange.

  • 2015 Pharmacy Survey Report - eRx - eRx Script Exchange today launched the results of its 2015 Pharmacy eHealth Survey identifying the business impact of ETP (electronic transfer of prescriptions) on community pharmacy since eRx’s launch in 2009. A total of 740 pharmacies, representing 14% of Australia’s community pharmacy sector, took part in the survey, which ran in the first half of this year. The survey honed in on four key areas of dispensing and workflow, patient outcomes, challenges and priorities, and innovations for the future.
  • 2014 National Progress Report - New national report highlights remarkable eHealth progress. A report published by eRx Script Exchange today shows that 80% of all prescriptions are now dispensed electronically rather than manually, which significantly improves patient safety and reduces the financial and human toll caused by mishaps with medications. The new report documents the evolution of electronic prescriptions since eRx Script Exchange was launched in 2009, becoming Australia’s first national system for the electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP).

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  • Michelle Durand - Absolute lifesaver

    I have a smaller than normal baby (16 lbs @ 9 mo), who is eating full meals of solids. Once she started eating real foods entirely and not baby goo anymore, we started trying to figure out how to feed her on the go. First, restaurant high chairs are pretty much the worst thing ever. First, they were WAY too big - she always ended up slouching, no tray so food fell everywhere, depending on the place she may not even be able to reach the table so I'd end up hand-feeding her pieces at a time, which she hated. So, I went back to the drawing board and figured I'd get a hook-on. This one had the best reviews and was reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot.

  • Annhe Lesbow - hated it and amazon beat me up

    not deluxe---each singer is much better on her own---was so excited originally that when amazon told me I had it on cloud I listened to it---sent back the DVD unopened---but they want me to pay for it because I checked it out

  • Rick - This game is a scam.....

    Once they let you win a little they quickly suck down your coins to make you buy them. This would be more fun to just pay up front...Scammers are what the designers of this game are....

  • Amazon Customer - It's a 50/50 shot homie

    I chopped my hair from over 4 inches on the top down to 1 then I used only one box. Whether it was because of the poo, my hair being too short to accurately test, or by the grace of god I passed. I survived testing positive for pot and mdma so thats cool.