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  • Amazon Customer - I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is

    Wow! I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is!!!! I have the most natural, bronze and beautiful tan from a tanning bed that I have ever had! Highly highly recommend it! And compare it to those $100 crap lotions you buy from the salon- this is not that expensive!

  • Amazon Customer - Good product

    I have been using this for months now and I am happy with it. I love that it has no flavor so I can just mix it in my water and go! I started using premama fertility after I stopped birth control. My cycle regulated very quickly and it is very regular every month so far. I have noticed other things that I believe are thanks to this product. I will continue buying until I become pregnant.

  • Pthymnb - Works well and is decorative

    My husband and I were looking for a new and decorative salt mill, so we thought that we would give this one a try. This one is quite beautiful and it really adds a lot of charm to a table. This mill is very simple to fill with salt or pepper. However, this mill does not come with salt or pepper, so you need to provide your own. The top is a true black color. The grinder is pretty sharp and grinds salt and pepper very easily and it grinds it into the same size pieces. I received this item in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Shane Norwood - 08 Dodge Ram 1500

    It my 2008 Ram 1500 perfectly. I installed 2 Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC 4 Ohm 10-Inch subs into this box and they sound great. The box arrived in perfect condition and for the money looked pretty nice.

  • Amazon Customer - Ehhhh

    Okay so the shoes are very comfy. But the design doesn't look like the real one. The strip that comes down the center of shoe isn't there. It's off centered on one of the shoes. There is multiple strips that come down the side of the shoe that arnt suppose to be their. Not a a good quality fake. Spend the 10$ more and go with Yeezyland

  • TeaGal - My New Favorite

    This album showcases Lady Gaga's amazing voice the best yet. In each album she seems to be singing from her heart and this album continues that admirable trait. This is my new favorite album by Lady Gaga.

  • CWS333 - Working layer by layer

    Upon moving into my home, I found the tray under the burners was particularly stained and dirty around the burner labelled "power boil". Obviously something had overflowed and then continued to burn on as the burner was used. I had tried several products but was unable to see any improvement until using the Shaklee product. I have used it twice and each time it takes another layer off--I'm almost there!