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Emerald Valley Equine - The Natural Alternative to Horse Health Care - Emerald Valley offers the highest quality and reliable herbal supplements and topicals, natural specialty feeds, treats and mashes.

  • http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/about-us-new/ Our History - Emerald Valley Equine - Our supplements are of the highest quality, reliable and natural. We are an audited company boasting the National Animals Supplement Council (NASC) Seal on our herbals.
  • http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/shop-equilife/ Natural Supplements for Horses and Hoof Care - Supplements for horses from Emerald Valley Equine Natural Horse Supplements for the care of equine athletes, hoof quality and growth.
  • http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/product/evitex/ Chasteberry for horses' pituitary health and metabolic function - Promote healthy pituitary and hormonal function with chasteberry for horses and dogs.
  • http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/product/speedi-beet/ All natural beet pulp supplement for horses - Speedi Beet, a natural beet pulp supplement for horses is 95% sugar free for rehydration and promoting a healthy hind gut in horses.
  • http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/shop/ Emerald Valley Natural Equine Supplements For Optimal Horse Health - Emerald Valley provides the highest quality natural horse supplements for horse health care along with treats, bran free mashes and tea tree topicals.

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  • Marsha Solomon - Works really well

    I'm on some medications that cause me "digestive problems". I used a number of "commercial relief" products but they all caused me cramps and sometimes unpredictability. Colon Cleanse is soooo much better! It is effective and painless relief.

  • Crystal - JUST BUY IT!

    For YEARS this was the only product that would even touch my horrendous adult acne. It was a MIRACLE!!! I have since then found and been OBSESSED with the proactiv + line (which is more aimed for adult acne than the original, and helps make my skin feel softer) and my skin is absolutely gorgeous, and I haven't had a single pimple or blackhead in years. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! If you're in your teens, this is the right one for you. If you're over 25, I'd go for the proactiv +. Good luck! Having acne is such a depressing thing to deal with. I hope this works for everyone the way it has for me.

  • Deck - good

    Good product. Worked very well when I was cutting weight. I took one scoop after workouts and had very good results. Way too expensive to use when trying to put on mass. Only reason I gave it 4 and not 5 is because of the price.

  • Heidi Andrew - Great examples to work through

    Setting up a spreadsheet with the example in the book and working through the steps and techniques was really educational. I was able to experiment.