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  • Amazon Customer - Great product- Not so great company

    I'm very conflicted when writing this review. My son has been through almost every formula you can think of. Due to multiple allergies the doctor had recommended hypoallergenic formulas. We tried nutramigen with little success, which left Alimentum. To our amazement, this was our answer. He was able to take the formula and keep it down without having any adverse effects from it. Stools maintained a normal consistency and abdominal distention and pain was gone. It did come at a price though, which was ok, because us, like many other parents, just wanted our baby happy and healthy. Up until recently, I have had nothing but positive things to say about Similac and their products. However, as of now, I am quite disgusted. I went to purchase some formula at our local grocery store to see that Similac has changed their packaging on the Alimentum. Still the same size can, however its now 12.1oz instead of the regular 16oz, and it is still the same cost. The can no longer states how many ounces it will make on the front of the can, this can be found in small print on the back. This can makes 28 ounces less. And to my dismay, the scoop is now larger and the formula has taken on a "fluffier" appearance, I'm assuming to properly fill the can that we are all used to buying, so people who do not pay such close attention will not suspect any change has occurred. All of these changes has led me to believe that Similac has gone out of their way to take advantage of its customers. You're using peoples misfortune to profit your company. And please spare me the excuse that the cost of the products has gone up. If that were the case you should have came out and explained to your LOYAL customers what type of change was going to occur. Instead you tried to sneak one in under the radar. Shame on you Abbott company. Great product-- but unethical company.

  • Michael - Never buying this...

    ...simply based off the reviews. I have wasted hours reading the reviews on this product, and I must say, I haven't stopped crying and laughing long enough to call 911 for my broken ribs. This is by far and away the most fun reading anything that I've had in months, and I salute the innards of every poor soul that ate these with every ounce of respect I can give them for bringing me this hilarity. I thank you.