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Edmilson Martins - Ser autoconfiante é um condicionamento necessário para gerir pessoas e processos dentro de empresas e organizações. Esse comportamento é imprescindível para

  • http://edmilsonmartins.com/perfil/ Perfil | Edmilson Martins - Sou Diretor Presidente da SM CONTABILIDADE E CONSULTORIA. Contabilista com Pós-Graduação em Contabilidade Empresarial pela Faculdade Mackenzie Rio e Consultoria

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Victor Jaworski - AMERICA

    AWESOME JERSEY! Not just because it's America, but because this is the softest material of any of my jerseys. I hate to admit it, but it's better than any of my Adidas ones.

  • S. Davis - Would wait and buy the Hero4 or Hero5 - this aint ready for primetime

    I love the concept of this camera and the accessories and attachments are very innovative. I used the GoPro Hero3 Black on three different occasions. The short battery life, even with Wifi turned off, is almost unusable unless you are doing one very short duration piece of action. It doesnt matter if you update the firmware or not, it is just unusable. It says 7 hours standby, but I get about 2 hours standby in practice (and this is in 50 degree Texas weather). On two hunting trips where I had the camera head mounted, I shot about 10 2 minute segments over a 90 minute timeframe and the camera battery died both times. On one trip I used the Wifi remote, and the battery died in less than an hour.

  • Richelle McCabe - Thank You Kaplan

    Got the much needed help for the PCAT. Very useful with several practice tests (as well as practice tests on their site).

  • Sandra R. Nichols - Works well

    This product works very well on my dog. Its taken some time to work on the tarter, but the breath smells so much better! And she would rather I put this on with my finger than with a tooth brush or finger tooth brush - which she hated. Thank you!

  • Cleveland Chick - Floors become progressively cleaner with every use-

    I was initially disappointed with this floor steamer, but now that I've perfected my technique of using it, I love it. In short -- and this could be a deal-breaker for some, but not for others: I have learned if you have dogs (like us) you will need to vacuum up the dog hair and chunks of mud that get tracked into the house before using the steamer. (My old plain-jane vacuum cleaner did this hard-floor vacuuming just fine, and my new Dyson vacuum does it even better, with a setting specifically for vacuuming hard floors.) Next, I have noticed that during the mopping with this Bissell steamer, when the floor is still damp, there will be very fine dirty-looking wipe marks left criss-crossing the floor (from the back-and-forth mopping motion.) I initially stressed about this, but have come to realize that when the floor dries, these disappear. Finally -- and this is why I LOVE this streamer: Sometimes to speed the drying (from about 3 minutes to instant) I bend down and wipe the section I just steamed with a clean, white rag. For the first six or seven uses, that wiping would bring up black. Now, after using the Bissell steamer for about a month, any wiping I do to speed-dry the floor brings up no dirt at all. Our lifestyle and dogs haven't suddenly become cleaner ... it's this steamer that's made our floors inherently cleaner.